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Contacting Other Editors[edit]

You can leave messages for other editors by clicking on the "discussion" or talk page next to their user names. --Lady Zhuge 12:18, 21 Apr 2008 (CDT)

Removal of Title[edit]

To offer a more clear explanation as to why I removed "Qui Xia Zhang San" from Shi Xiao Long's page: "Qui" is not pinyin for any word I can think of in the Chinese language, thus I knew the title was not correctly romanized. You did not leave hanzi for me to be able to verify which series you were actually referring to, therefore I removed the entry until I could go through a list of SXL's works. It's better to leave out stuff that you're not sure about or can't verify than to perpetuate inaccurate information. --Lady Zhuge 12:18, 21 Apr 2008 (CDT)

Ah, I see. Thank you for the correction and clear explanation. I actually saw this listed on one of the Chinese sites of his and thought it should've been correct. Apologies, and thanks again. --Ladys07 20:53, 21 Apr 2008 (EST)

Two-way Linking[edit]

Please remember the importance of two-way linking on DramaWiki. If you add a cast member to a drama article, you also need to add the drama to that cast member's article and vice versa. --Lady Zhuge 03:01, 1 Sep 2008 (CEST)


Merged replies with original discussion over at Lady Zhuge's discussion page.

Movies vs TV Shows[edit]

FYI, what you did by moving Heaven's Postman (2009) from the Movies to the TV Shows section was the right thing to do! Another editor had this bizarre idea about the Movies section containing both TV and theater movies. This is totally wrong! Please help us clean this up - If you see any TV movies in the Movies section, please move them to the TV Shows section. Thanks! Groink 02:47, 25 Jan 2009 (CET)