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My goal is to create an uniformed format for the Chinese sections that is inline with the Japanese section.
With inputs from A10203040, here are the suggested formats:

sample drama section


*'''Title:''' 劇名 / Ju Ming
*'''English title:''' Official English Title for the drama
*'''Also known as:''' If no official title is available, translated titled will be put here
*'''Genre:''' Romance / Comedy / Medical / Suspense / Horror / Police / etc...
*'''Episodes:''' 2
*'''Broadcast network:''' TTV / CTV / CTS / GTV / etc...
*'''Broadcast period:''' 2006-Jul-02 to 2006-Jul-03
*'''Air time:''' 20:00-21:00
*'''Opening theme song:''' Ge Ming A (歌名A) by Artist
*'''Ending theme song:''' Ge Ming B (歌名B) by Artist

Write the synopsis here

*[[Actor A]] (演員A) as Character A
*[[Actor B]] (演員B) as Character B

==Production Credits==

Please cite all reviews.

*Trivia and such. Cite Source whenever possible.

==External Links==
*[ Official Homepage]

[[Category:TWDrama]] [[Category:TWDrama2006]] [[Category:GTV]]

sample actor/actress section

[[File:Yianyuanming.jpg|thumb|Yian Yuan Ming]]

*'''Name:''' 演員名 / Yian Yuan Ming
*'''English name:''' Actor's English name
*'''Also known as:''' 小名 (Xiao Ming) / Yian Yuanming
*'''Real name:''' 真名 / Zheng Ming
*'''Profession:''' Actor, model
*'''Birthdate:''' {{bda|1980|7|2}}
*'''Birthplace:''' Taiwan
*'''Nationality''' USA
*'''Height:''' 182cm
*'''Weight:''' 72kg
*'''Star sign:''' Cancer
*'''Blood type:''' O
*'''Family:''' Spouse [[Yian Yuan Ming 2]] (演員名2)
*'''Talent agency:''' ABC Production

==About Yian Yuan Ming==
A brief biography of Yian Yuan Ming in 500 words or less

==TV Shows==
*[[Series 2]] (CTS, 2007, ep01) as Character A
*[[Series 1]] (TTV, 2005) as Character B

==TV Show Theme Songs==
*[[Song 2]], [[Series 2]] (2006)
*[[Song 1]], [[Series 1]] (2005)

*[ Movie B] (2006) as Character B
*[ Movie A] (2003) as Character A

*Product B (2006)
*Product A (2005)

*'''AWARD:''' Award A (2005)
*'''APPOINTED:''' Ambassador A (2004)

*Trivia and such

==External Links==
*[ Official Homepage]

[[Category:TWActor]] [[Category:TWSinger]]

Dramawiki Guideline for Chinese

Help with Administration

Hi WaterOB, we currently have a rather large backlog of new account requests and I'm looking for more people to help with administrating dramawiki. Do you want to join the administration team? --Ruroshin 06:09, 21 February 2010 (UTC)

You're now an adminstrator. Under the Special pages link you should see a lot more options now. You can now approve new account requests under "Confirm account requests" just basically read what they have to say and if you think they can contribute then approve their account. You can also block/ban accounts/IP if anybody abuses the wiki rules. --Ruroshin 07:07, 23 February 2010 (UTC)

Also, if you know anybody else that you think will make a good administrator then let me know. --Ruroshin 07:08, 23 February 2010 (UTC)

Welcome to the staff team! Check out DramaWiki:Administrators for some useful links about administration. --MoerkJ talk 21:45, 24 February 2010 (UTC)


Hi WaterOB. Since you're admin now I was wondering if I could get your quick input. I noticed one of the new user was working on the Sato Hiroko page. However, its becoming more and more like a wikipedia page(ie lots of info regarding matters besides drama, change of name order etc). So I was going to say something but just in case I wanted to ask you to check it out to see if its okay or not before i remind the new user about the dramawiki templates etc. Thanks. --iwaseJEN

Hi WaterOB, sorry to keep bothering you but I was wondering if you could check the Arashi members pages, as a new user added tons of trivia info. I'm not yet familiar with what exactly constitutes as fancruft, so if you have time please give it a once-over. But I do think it is bordering and is fancruft as well. Many thanks. --iwaseJEN

Hi, I'm not so sure about this but can a computer user have two accounts on this site? I'm asking this because recently my cousin requested for an account on this computer and I'm not sure whether I'll be banned because of this. Thanks --Cassilian

DramaWiki in other languages? Hi WaterOB. You may know where to post this subject for a discussion in case it has a chance not to be turned down. Please let me know your opinion.

I know that on DramaWiki's purpose document DramaWiki:About the purpose explicitely referres to English readers, but I thought that maybe my idea could be welcomed nevertheless by much people.

So my idea is to allow articles on DramaWiki in other languages than English, exactly the same way as Wikipedia does it. In terms of size of saving space it may be a bad idea, but in terms of quality of the articles I guess it could be a positive proceeding. Surfing in the d-addicts forum you can quickly observe that a big part of the users don't speak English as their mother tongue (neither do I). If it's the same way with the DramaWiki editors, then wouldn't non-english speaking editors ameliorate their articles if they write them in their own language? Furthermore, aren't d-addicts-users mostly interested in diffrent cultures? Language is THE essential part of culture. And aren't they generally motivated to learn foreign tongues? Why not create the possibility for an intercultural and interlingual horizontal expansion on DramaWiki. I think the big success of Wikipedia is due to the instant linkage between languages. Wikipedia democraticised not only knowledge, but also the use of languages in the internet. Predominance of one language in the internet or not - both ways could be of advantage, depending on the application, I guess. But for DramaWiki I imagine a multilingual thriving and prospering site. --コッチを目標に

Hiroko Sato page

Hi, I left the list of TV programs listed from her agent in the Discussion page as I don't know enough about DramaWiki policy to edit this data according to your format. I was in the process of doing the changes when your edited the page. Hope I was able to contribute a little that was useful. Regards, Hutch 02:47, 25 February 2010 (UTC)

General Rouge no Gaisen

Hi, I was just wondering why you created a separate page for this drama. I thought that since this is just a sequel to the first one, it should be under the same page, but under a different subheading. --iwaseJEN

Ohh i see. And after looking at the complete cast list, most of the cast is diff this time around, so makes sense. =)

Picture of ducks??

Hi WaterOB, I dont' know if you noticed but a user (Tangyanzixuan)uploaded this picture and started a talk page about unless I'm missing out on something and its actually related to a drama...I don't think this is appropriate here. Please check it out and remove accordingly. Thanks. --iwaseJEN

request to merge pages

As our active admin - Is it possible for you to merge 2 pages "Lee Jae Hoon (1984)" and "Lee Je Hoon" into 1 page "Lee Je Hoon"? Reason - actor's name is Lee Je Hoon (이제훈). I can clean up "Three Sisters" afterwards. Thanks --Imian 04:23, 22 August 2010 (UTC)

Upcoming Japanese Dramas

Hi, I think I somehow messed up the Upcoming Japanese Dramas page. I added a new section for tanpatsu to the autumn 2010 page but now there's another section on the UJD page between the headline and the table. Can you please have a look and maybe tell me what went wrong? Also is it ok to add only the cast for a confirmed but still untitled drama? Thank you!

New Categories

Hi WaterOB. I was wondering if it would be alright to make a few new categories for jdramas. 1) FujiTV's 24 Hour television special drama. As they do one every year, i thought it might work if we had a category/page listing for them and people can easily identify what it was for. 2) Drama time slots that doesn't have a category yet. I noticed Getsu9 and a few more have their own category/page (sorry i don't know what exactly they're called, the listing page XD ) and other time slots do have specific names given to it but dont' have a listing yet. What do you think? Thanks =) --iwaseJEN


Hi WaterOB. I just had 2 questions regarding the upcoming japanese dramas. First of all, with Hana Kimi, since it is a remake with a completely new cast, should a new page be created? Also the official title has been slightly changed by fuji tv as well to reflect that it is a remake. Secondly, with drama sequels with completely different titles, usually would a new page be created(similar to general rouge...)? Also they've added a new main cast. (Saigo no Bansan) Thanks~ --iwaseJEN

Thanks for the advice~! So new page for hana kimi it is. And I guess with Saigo no Banssan, it does have its own page on ja wiki, and Miura Haruma has been added in for the full season and as the new character. And by the looks of the mini synopsis on ja wiki, the story has been changed around a bit, so i'll follow ja wiki's lead then and make a new page. Thanks again =D --iwaseJEN

user page

Hi, i love your page and always take a look at it. Just noticed a little change there. Hehe, am i even allowed to say it here? --Natokajun 12:22, 8 September 2012 (UTC)

Mini-movie / Webisode / Mobile drama

Per discussion with MoerkJ, Taiwan's mini-movie (微電影), China's webisodes (网路独播), and Japan's mobile dramas are all to be listed under TV Drama. --WaterOB 23:06, 19 September 2012 (UTC)

I got a complain

So I put into work for the upcoming TVB Sequel of The Hippocratic Crush and you deleted it. I just want to say, first, it was comfirmed that The Hippocratic Crush will be having a sequel and it was also shown in many comercials on TVB so I just wanted to say that you need to explain to me why you deleted the Dramawiki page for. --YuenYuen2


Hi, since you are the only admin who active on dramawiki, would you mind to take a look on DramaWiki:Vandalism Watch List page. To be honest, im not sure if its really vandalism but i think this one need input from mods/admin since i tried to communicate with the user but he/she keeps ignoring the discussion. Please have a look and let me know if there is solution for this problem. Thank you. --Natokajun (talk) 03:11, 19 November 2016 (UTC)

Hi again, sorry if i keep dropping at your talk page. Regarding user Marc8, i bet you are aware that he/she had a bad editing history in the past. While his/her editing doesnt really harmful or make anything worse, somehow they are getting my nerves in a way. Trivial things which such as birthdate of children, religion, high school and changing template birth date age from bda which is not necessary causing the edits redundant. This user also keeps moving pages but seems like this user is not aware all the discussion on his/her talk page? Is there any way to make this user aware of this issue? Just asking. Thank you. --Natokajun (talk) 14:19, 29 November 2016 (UTC)