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Welcome to DramaWiki! We hope you will contribute much and well. You will probably want to read the help pages. Again, welcome and have fun! MoerkJ talk 20:42, 18 December 2014 (UTC)

Monster genre[edit]

Answer: Of course. Listen skill of the male lead is 100x (or more) than normal people. And he don't lost that skill and use that skill to solve many problems in this drama. With that skill, this drama is more "drama". P/s: I'm not sure how to use user talk, I'm sorry.

Drama credit[edit]

Hi, may i know why did you remove drama Jangheebin from Kim Yong Sun page? It was stated in her naver profile and the website rarely made mistake for drama credit even for minor roles except that some profiles are not really updated. --Natokajun (talk) 15:51, 7 August 2016 (UTC)

Oh, I see it now, waaaay at the bottom. It's not with the rest of the dramas! I swear I looked :) Sorry about that. Also, it's not actually listed on any other site I checked, either for her or the drama (daum and wiki...can't remember if I looked elsewhere). I'm paranoid and almost always try to find things in more than one place if I'm not sure, which is almost always the case for old stuff. I did see on the daum page, however, that Kim Yong Gun is listed as a cast member, so I thought there might be an error one way or another, so I took it off. So add it back if you wish; there's a good chance it's right, but there's just so little info out there for those old dramas that it's nearly impossible to tell. If you do, though, make sure to change the year to 1981 (see the wiki page, also the link above). 1980 isn't right. As far as I can tell, there's no version of Jang Hee Bin from 1980.--Zeamays (talk) 16:17, 7 August 2016 (UTC)
Ok that makes sense then. Maybe naver made a little mistake there. Thank you for your thorough research. --Natokajun (talk) 03:23, 8 August 2016 (UTC)

Drama list pages[edit]

Hi there, i just would like to ask your opinion since you are familiar with pages with long list of kdramas especially. What do you think about separating the table by year? (Eg: Drama City, Banjun Drama) I think it will be more handy and easier to edit if the episodes listing is separated by year so that it wont cause much lagging when we edit. Also, for Drama Special, can we sort them according to the broadcast year? As for now its confusing because when we scroll down, after 2016, got another section with the year 2010 and etc. --Natokajun (talk) 23:40, 25 August 2016 (UTC)

Yeah, I think tables by year would be good for Drama City, especially. I agree that it's annoying and laggy to edit that huge table as it currently is (and there are still a ton of missing episodes, so it's only going to get worse). For Drama Special, it could go in chronological order (season 1 to DSS1 to season 2 to DSS2 etc.), but I think it might actually be better to put Drama Special Series on its own new page. Then the weird 2010-2016 (single eps), then starting with 2010 again (series) thing wouldn't happen anymore either, and it would make the Drama Special page a little more manageable in terms of sheer length.--Zeamays (talk) 01:39, 26 August 2016 (UTC)


Hi, 왕대박 translated as Jackpot? Not King Jackpot? Just asking...--Natokajun (talk) 03:35, 2 October 2016 (UTC)

"Jackpot Hwang Malbool" is the only title I have seen for that episode. I do see the "왕" there in the title though. ;) Do a google search for "King Jackpot Hwang Malbool" vs "Jackpot Hwang Malbool" (with the quotes) and it becomes pretty clear (i just did it myself to check, lol). --Zeamays (talk) 13:49, 2 October 2016 (UTC)

Drama Special[edit]

For this page, where did you find "season 1, 2, 3,....."? Because from wikipedia and official sites, they dont really mention regarding "season" but they use the broadcast year "2013, 2014, ...." instead. --Natokajun (talk) 04:49, 8 January 2017 (UTC)

The only reason why I did that was for consistency. Before, some seasons were by year and some by season, so I changed the section headings to have both for all of them. As of this revision, for example, we had switched back and forth. It's just the section headings, while the titles are still whatever the official title is (and I don't think I had anything to do with those anyway, except for 2015 and 2016). I wanted to make it less confusing and easier to track the seasons. KBS made it confusing themselves, and I was just trying to fix it. :) Season 1 officially is just Drama Special, I think seasons 2 and 3 were never officially titled anything in particular on the official site. It wasn't until 2013 or maybe even 2014 that they added the years, and never before that. So what else is there to do? If you have a better suggestion... Anyway, the problem is that some people (readers/users of dramawiki) do think of it in terms of season, and others by year, and neither is right or wrong, strictly, because KBS didn't make it clear in their own titles. :) If someone is searching by either year or season, they should be able to find it this way. --Zeamays (talk) 20:33, 8 January 2017 (UTC)
Im thinking of putting episode number like Drama City as i just noticed from official site they have episode number (started only at no. 25 though). It just looks messy (to me at least) to have both season and year as subheading but yes you are right either way, someone should be able to find the page no matter by season or year. From the history, the term season was actually started earlier by editor from 2012 (possibly just by random /spontaneous maybe?). Anyway, it's just a suggestion, no need take it seriously. --Natokajun (talk) 22:40, 8 January 2017 (UTC)
No, if there's a better way to do it, I'm all for it. We can pick one or the other, but I'm not sure which one is better at this point. And we can add the ep number if you want. I have seen them listed by episode number here and there. --Zeamays (talk) 00:54, 9 January 2017 (UTC)