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V Love


  • Title: 微時代 / Wei Shi Dai
  • English title: V Love
  • Genre: Romance, Drama
  • Episodes: 40
  • Broadcast network: Tencent
  • Broadcast period: 2014-Jul-21


A story revolving around eight youths of the post 90s-generation who comes from different family backgrounds, and the complex relationship between them.

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The most popular girl on campus. Daughter of a hotel chain tycoon. She first likes Kang Zirui, but later falls for Ying Dong.
Heir of a large luxury goods conglomerate. He holds a legendary status in school. He first dates Wan Jia but because of his father's opposition, later dates Wu Anbo instead.
Boss of a flower shop. He first likes Wan Jia, but later discovers the love between him and Han Weiwei.
Han Dingyi's half-brother. Mei Bao's boyfriend.
Known for her straightforward and tough personality, she is referred to as "Mister Kang". Wan Jia's good fiend.
Captain of the Cheer-leading team. A part-time worker at the bar. Youxi's girlfriend.
An arts student. Ying Dong's ex-girlfriend.


  • Bian Yu as Kang Zirui (A director, Wu Anbo's first love)
  • Zhang Zi Xuan as Ding Xiaorou (Hua Sanmao's first love)
  • Yu Li as Hua Mengjun (Hua Youxi and Han Dingyi's mother)
  • Hou Guan Qun as Wu Yuting (Wu Anbo's father)
  • Zheng Xiao Ning as Wan Jia's father
  • Yuan Jia as Wei Chi (Wu Yuting's secretary)
  • Wang Xiao as Lan Tian (A teacher, Hua Mengjun's good friend)
  • Xu Fang Yi as Ouyang Xiao (A girl who likes Wei Chi)
  • Yao Lu as Ying Youjin (Ying Dong's father)

Special appearance

  • Yang Mi as Luo Yi (Episode 1-2, 38-40)
A huge superstar. Ying Dong's first love.
Entertainment News Reporter. Gossip Queen.
A chef who is popular for his good looks. Hua Youxi and Han Dingyi's uncle.
Wu Anbo's mother.
A "ugly duckling" who transform into an established singer.
Boss of Auva Organization. He likes Kang Weiwei.


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