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Weekly Synopses for NHK drama Wakaba

Week 1 (eps 1 thru 6)[edit]

Week 2 (eps 7 thru 12)[edit]

In June, Wakaba receives a job offer from a construction company in Kobe which she wishes to work with. She tells this good news to her aunt Shigemi and grandfather Eizo in Kobe and they congratulate her. When Junichi Tani, one of Wakaba’s classmates, hears this news, he visits her at home a few days later and makes a marriage proposal to her suddenly. The next day, Wakaba goes to a study tour of the college seminar she attends. Wakaba realizes again that she wants to work as a gardener in Kobe when she participates in the tour of buildings surrounded by plants and trees. Junichi asks Wakaba to come to Udo Jingu Shrine, which is dedicated for a god of marriage, and asks her for a reply to his proposal. Wakaba tells him that she is determined to go to Kobe. In the late night, Wakaba and her family hears a roaring sound of a motorbike in front of Murakami family‘s house where Wakaba’s family live. Hearing the noise, Wakaba’s younger brother, Hikaru remembers Kobe’s earthquake and has a fit. Wakaba watches him being soothed by their mother Utako in her arms, and realizes he has not fully recovered from emotional injury he suffered from the great earthquake in Kobe. Wakaba is a captain of a cheerleading team but a younger member, Takako loses confidence and tells Wakaba that she is going to leave the team. The date for a local event which aims to boost the development of the area draws near. The team will be performing in the event as a stepping stone to participate in important competitions. On the day, Takako comes to join her team mates. The team’s performance receives warm applause from the audience.

Week 3 (eps 13 thru 18)[edit]

In the fall of 2000, Wakaba’s best friend Aki Fujikura visits Wakaba in Miyazaki. Aki asks Wakaba to stay at a boarding house run by her grandmother if Wakaba is coming to Kobe. A few days later, Wakaba receives a phone call from the construction company that she received an employment offer. She is shocked to hear that the offer is cancelled because of a downturn in business. Hearing the news, Shigemi and Eizo, Wakaba’s aunt and grandfather in Kobe, cheer her up on the phone. Wakaba tries to keep the news secret, but eventually Utako, her mother, and even Junichi, Wakaba’s classmate who asked her to get married, hear about it. Wakaba’s family and relatives in Miyazaki are concerned about Wakaba’s future. Kotaro, Wakaba’s uncle, finds a job for her in the nearby area while Kotaro’s wife Yukie plans an arranged marriage meeting for her. Wakaba, however, cannot give up her dream to go back to work in Kobe. Utako, who has been watching over Wakaba calmly until then, finally scolds her for being stubborn. Hectic days start for Wakaba. She looks for a job in Kobe, prepares her graduation thesis, and works part time to save money to go to Kobe.

Week 4 (eps 19 thru 24)[edit]

In the spring of 2001, though Wakaba is soon to be graduated from the university she still cannot find a job. To save money to go to Kobe, she works at a barn taking care of cows in the morning and at sweet pea fields which belong to Junichi’s parents in the afternoon. Kotaro, her uncle, is worried to see her exhausted both physically and mentally. Hikari, Wakaba's brother, who is also concerned about Wakaba, sends a letter to their grandfather Eizo in Kobe. Eizo asks Kazuyuki Igawa, a gardener who he knows, to employ Wakaba. Wakaba drinks heavily at a cheerleading team’s party to celebrate the graduation and stays in bed for two days. She says thoughtless words to Hikari. Some days later, Wakaba hears from Eizo that she will be employed at Igawa’s. Hearing also from him that Hikari has asked Eizo for the arrangement, she apologizes to Hikari in tears. On the day of her departure, Wakaba receives from Utako her mother, a bank savings book and finds that her mother has saved money for her. On the way to the airport, Wakaba sees Junichi on the roadside to see her off with a bouquet of sweet pea flowers.

Week 5 (eps 25 thru 30)[edit]

Week 6 (eps 31 thru 36)[edit]

Week 7 (eps 37 thru 42)[edit]

Week 8 (eps 43 thru 48)[edit]

Week 9 (eps 49 thru 54)[edit]

Week 10 (eps 55 thru 60)[edit]

Week 11 (eps 61 thru 66)[edit]

Week 12 (eps 67 thru 72)[edit]

Week 13 (eps 71 thru 78)[edit]

Week 14 (eps 79 thru 84)[edit]

Week 15 (eps 85 thru 90)[edit]

Week 16 (eps 91 thru 96)[edit]

Week 17 (eps 97 thru 102)[edit]

Week 18 (eps 103 thru 108)[edit]

Week 19 (eps 110 thru 115)[edit]

Wakaba and Masaya who have decided to get married visit Utako and Wakaba’s relatives in Miyazaki. All the family members congratulate them, except Kotaro who opposes their marriage at first as if Wakaba is his own daughter. Utako is asked by Wakaba to visit Kobe to attend their wedding but cannot give an immediate reply as she is afraid of returning to the place where she lost her husband, Koichi. Kotaro gives consent to the marriage hearing Masaya’s resolution to totally support Wakaba through thick and thin. When Wakaba is showing Masaya around Miyazaki, Junichi appears before them. Junichi says that he will give his support for Wakaba from a distance and asks Masaya to take a good care of her. On the day the couple leaves for Kobe, Masaya asks Utako to come to Kobe. He tells her that as Wakaba’s wish is his wish, he wants Utako to be happy. Hearing Masaya’s words, Utako makes up her mind to go to Kobe. In Kobe, Eizo has a mixed feeling on Utako’s visit, since he has guilty conscience on Koich's death.

Week 20 (eps 116 thru 121)[edit]

Week 21 (eps 122 thru 127)[edit]

Week 22 (eps 128 thru 133)[edit]

Week 23 (eps 134 thru 139)[edit]

Week 24 (eps 140 thru 145)[edit]

Two months have passed since Wakaba's pregnancy became to be known. Utako comes to Kobe to help Wakaba who is now on maternity leave as she is suffering from morning sickness. Eizo has recovered from angina and now is back to work. However he has myocardial infarction at work and undergoes an operation. When he becomes conscious after the successful operation, Eizo tells the family that he had a dream of Koichi telling him to be in this world. Utako decides to stay in Kobe for a while to take care of Eizo. Masaya tells Utako that he wants to start business together with Wakaba to realize Koichi’s dream of having housing surrounded by greenery after she delivers the baby safely. The couple starts landscape architecture business using a room in Fujikura family’s house as the office. When Eizo comes out from the hospital, he tells Igawa that he will retire from the work. Wakaba delivers a baby girl, a month earlier than the due date. The baby is given a name using Chinese characters for "tree" and "village" by Eizo and Utako. Everybody congratulate Wakaba and Masaya. Showing her baby to Koichi in a picture frame, Wakaba tells her father that she will cherish her daughter like plants and trees which he loved.

Week 25 (eps 146 thru 151)[edit]