Watashi no Aozora 2002

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Watashi no Aozora 2002


  • Title: 私の青空2002
  • Title (romaji): Watashi no Aozora 2002
  • Also known as: My Blue Sky Returns
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Family drama
  • Episodes: 8
  • Viewership ratings: 9.6%
  • Broadcast network: NHK
  • Broadcast period: 2002-Apr-01 to 2002-May-27
  • Air time: Monday 21:15
  • Theme song: Watashi no Aozora 2002
  • Related TV shows: Watashi no Aozora


Hey, hands off my... well, he's not my husband, but he's mine!

Back by popular demand, the My Blue Sky saga continues! Whatever happened to the spunky Nazuna, her hale baby, Taiyo, and Kento, the man who left them for a life of professional boxing? When we left off with Nazuna two years ago, she had decided to keep her baby and stay in Tokyo after being abandoned at the alter. Life as a single mom wasn't easy, but she and her son managed to make a cozy life for themselves. This time around, Kento and Nazuna have now reconciled, and although not married, they live in separate apartments across the way, each pursing their dreams. Taiyo, about to start fourth grade, enjoys the support of both his parents, with an out-of-the-ordinary family situation working surprisingly well. Reality crashes in when Kento falls in love with another woman. Reserved and shy, Koyuki is the polar opposite of the energetic, straight-talking Nazuna. For better or worse, Nazuna and Taiyo are forced to take a second look at their unique family structure. The gloves come out when Nazuna decides to face her opponent head on and fight for the family she had so carefully constructed. Watch out, all bets are off!

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Episode Titles[edit]

  1. 「お父さんの恋」 / Father's love
  2. 「手ごわい恋人」 / The stubborn lover
  3. 「妻の逆襲」 / The wife's counterattack
  4. 「お父さんが消えた」 / Father disappears
  5. 「父をたずねて三千里」 / Travelling 3000 ri to see his father
  6. 「対決!妻VS恋人」 / Showdown: Wife v. lover!
  7. 「父は母より恋人を選んだ」 / Father chooses the lover
  8. 「恋しい家こそ私の青空」 / My blue sky is precisely my beloved home

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