Well Dominated Love OST

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Well Dominated Love OST
  • Title: 奈何BOSS又如何 电视原声大碟 / Well Dominated Love OST
  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Language: Chinese
  • Release Date: 2020
  • Number of Tracks: 7
Track Listing
No. Song Title Artist Notes
1. Say I Love You Lilin Jiaotian Theme song
2. Leave Your City After Waking Up from Dreaming (梦醒时离开你的城市) Wang Xinru Ending theme song
3. Whole Heartedly (全心全意) Zhangyu Junru
4. Make Peace (握手言和) Kang Qinglin
5. Not an Accident (并非意外) Wang Ziming
6. Sign of Happiness (幸福的预兆) Ding Cong
7. With Each Other (与彼于此) Chong Qiyang