Wings, Fly Up

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  • Title: 나래, 박차오르다 / Narae, Bakchaoreuda
  • Also known as: Rise Up / Na Rae / Kicking Out
  • Genre: Drama, action, comedy, sports
  • Episodes: TBA
  • Broadcasting network: KBS2
  • Broadcasting period: TBA
  • Air time: TBA
  • Original soundtrack: Wings, Fly Up OST


A former national Taekwondo star falls from grace and meets a person from the countryside full of good luck.


Main Cast

Production Credits

  • Production Companies: iHQ, Yellow Factory (옐로우팩토리), Yapp SPC (유한회사 얍)
  • Director: TBA
  • Screenwriter: Choi Hyun Ok (최현옥)

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