Winter Begonia

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Winter Begonia


  • Title: 鬓边不是海棠红 / Bin Bian Bu Shi Hai Tang Hong
  • English title: Winter Begonia
  • Genre: Period, drama
  • Episodes: 49
  • Broadcast network: iQiyi
  • Broadcast period: 2020-Mar-20
  • Original soundtrack: Winter Begonia OST


Republican-era opera actor Shang Xirui is determined to promulgate the traditional art form, and gains a fan in wealthy merchant Cheng Fengtai. Together, they rebuild the local theater and help train several young acting hopefuls. When the Japanese occupy Beiping, they devote themselves to the revolution in an effort to protect their country.

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Cheng Family
  • Liu Min as Cheng Meixin, Cheng Fengtai's elder sister. She is married to Cao Siling as his sixth concubine due to family circumstances, but has a love affair with Cao Guixiu
  • Zhang Yi Xi as Cha Cha'er, Cheng Fengtai's younger sister
  • Liu Bo Xiao as Lao Ge, Cheng Fengtai's driver
  • Li Yi Xiao as Chun Xuan, Cheng Fengtai's mother
  • Jin You Ming as Lao Han, housekeeper
  • Zhang Tian Yun as Chun Xing, Fan Xianger's attendant
  • Run Run (润润) as Mother Zhang, nanny
People around Shang Xirui
  • Tan Jian Ci as Chen Renxiang, Jiang Roushou's nephew. A dan performer whose talent and skill is comparable to Shang Xirui. He is often used by Jiang Roushou
  • Li Ze Feng as Du Qi, also known as seventh master. Son of Du Hanlin. A literary talent who writes scripts for Shang Xirui
  • Yi Yong Ming as Niu Bowen, manager of Li Yuan Guild. Often helps out Shang Xirui
  • Xu Fu Lai as Lao Xian'er, former leader of Nan Troupe. Shang Xirui's friend
Shui Yun Troupe
Fan Family
  • Merxat as Fan Lian, also known as fourth master. Fan Xianger's younger brother. A flirtatious and outgoing playboy
  • Chi Shuai as Chang Zhixin, Fan Xianger's cousin.
  • Bai Bing as Jiang Mengping, Fan Xianger's cousin-in-law. Shang Xirui's senior whom he greatly treasured as family
Cao Family
  • Hei Zi as Cao Wanjin, Commander Cao
  • Tang Zeng as Cao Guixiu, Cao Wanjin's son. Holds a grudge against his father for marrying Cheng Meixin
  • Yao Qing Ren as Lieutenant Sun, Cao Guixiu's subordinate
  • Chen Bao Guo as Lieutenant Zhang, Cao Wanjins' subordinate
Jiang Family
  • Jin Shi Jie as Jiang Rongshou, leader of Li Yuan Guild. Shang Xirui's uncle. He is unhappy with Shang Xirui's attitude, and makes things difficult for him
  • Wang Xi Chao as Jiang Dengbao, Jiang Roushou's son. Leader of Long Chun Troupe
Gu Family
Royal Family
Famed Opera Performer

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