Winter Begonia

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Winter Begonia


  • Title: 鬓边不是海棠红 / Bin Bian Bu Shi Hai Tang Hong
  • English title: Winter Begonia
  • Genre: Period, drama
  • Episodes: 49
  • Broadcast network: iQiyi
  • Broadcast period: 2020-Mar-20
  • Original soundtrack: Winter Begonia OST


Republican-era opera actor Shang Xirui is determined to promulgate the traditional art form, and gains a fan in wealthy merchant Cheng Fengtai. Together, they rebuild the local theater and help train several young acting hopefuls. When the Japanese occupy Beiping, they devote themselves to the revolution in an effort to protect their country.

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Main Cast
A wealthy businesman with a sense of patroism and love of opera.
A talented opera performer who is stubborn, impulsive and innocent at heart.
Cheng Fengtai's wife. A shrewd businesswoman with traditional and conservative thinking.
Cheng Manor / People around Cheng Fengtai
  • Liu Min as Cheng Meixin (voiced by Liu Min), Cheng Fengtai's elder sister. She is married to Commander Cao as his sixth concubine due to family circumstances, but has a former romantic history with Cao Guixiu
  • Zhang Yi Xi as Cha Cha'er, Cheng Fengtai's younger sister
  • Li Yi Xiao as Chun Xuan (voiced by Yan Meng Meng), Cheng Fengtai's mother. An opera singer
  • Luo Ming as Cheng Muye, Cheng Fengtai's father
  • Zhou Ling as Old Madame Cheng (voiced by Hao You Yue) , Cheng Fengtai's grandmother
  • Liu Bo Xiao as Lao Ge, Cheng Fengtai's driver
  • Zheng Sheng Li as Shopkeeper Ma, Cheng Fengtai's assistant which helps manage his trading shop
  • Jin You Ming as Lao Han, housekeeper of Cheng Manor
  • Zhang Tian Yun as Chun Xing, Fan Xiang'er's attendant
  • Run Run (润润) as Mother Zhang, nanny of Cheng Manor
  • Li Yu Su as Mother Zhao, nanny tasked to look after Feng Yi
Shui Yun Troupe
  • Huang Xing Yuan as Zhou Xiangyun (Xiao Zhouzi), Cheng Fengtai's principal disciple. Originally Si Xier's disciple, he was often abused by Si Xi'er who was jealous of his talents, and later saved by Shang Xirui
  • Li Chun Ai as Xiao Lai, Shang Xirui's attendant who takes care of his daily needs
  • Fang An Na as Shi Jiu (voiced by Xie Zi Wei), Shang Xirui's senior. Likes Cheng Fengtai
  • He Rui Xian as Liu Yuehong, Shang Xirui's disciple. Left the troupe to marry Xue Qianshan
  • Zheng Long as La Yuehong, Shang Xirui's disciple. A rash and violent man, who secretly despises being a performer. Is especially close to Liu Yuehong and fiercely protective of her. Left the troupe to follow Liu Hanyun
  • Liu Lu as Rong Lan (voiced by Cao Yi Qian), Shang Xirui's disciple
  • Chang Cheng as Da Sheng, Shang Xirui's disciple
  • Zheng Yao (郑姚) as Ye Xiuzhi, Shang Xirui's disciple
  • Gao Shi Yao as Er Yuehong, Shang Xirui's disciple
  • Zhang Yuan Shuai as Luo Xiangqiu, Shang Xirui's disciple
  • Wu Zai Dong as Xu Yongnian, member of Shui Yun troupe
  • Yang Chou Chan as Gao Yunfu, Shang Xirui's senior. Betrayed Shang Xirui by stealing his money
  • Li Jun as Jin Quan'er, Shang Xirui's senior. Betrayed Shang Xirui by stealing his money
  • Hou Hai Bo as Xiao Shen'er, Shang Xirui's senior. Betrayed Shang Xirui by stealing his money
Bei Ping Li Yuan Guild / Opera Performers
  • Li Ze Feng as Du Qi, also known as seventh master. Son of Du Hanlin. A literary talent who writes scripts for Shang Xirui
  • Jin Shi Jie as Jiang Rongshou (voiced by Jin Shi Jie), leader of Li Yuan Guild. Shang Xirui's uncle. He is jealous of Shang Xirui's talents, and attempts to oppress him
  • Wang Xi Chao as Jiang Dengbao, Jiang Roushou's son. Leader of Long Chun Troupe
  • Tan Jian Ci as Chen Renxiang (voiced by Tan Jian Ci), Jiang Roushou's nephew. A talented performer, who is often used by Jiang Rongshou for his own interests. Known for his sentimental nature and love for his girlfriend
  • Yi Yong Ming as Niu Bowen (voiced by Yang Mo) , manager of Li Yuan Guild
  • Lei Han as Ning Jiulang (voiced by Shang Hong), Shang Xirui's mentor. Has a close relationship with Prince Qi
  • Wang Mao Lei as Shang Juzhen, Shang Xirui's foster father and teacher
  • Shen Bao Ping as Hou Yukui (voiced by Liu Cong), known for his love for smoking
  • Sun Di as Si Xi'er, leader of Yun Xi troupe. Known for his pettiness and mean personality
  • Du Chun as Yuan Xiaodi (voiced by Wang Kai)
  • Gao Yu Er as Yu Qing, Yuan Xiaodi's disciple who has a romantic history with him
  • Xu Fu Lai as Lao Xian'er (voiced by Guo Zheng Jian), former leader of Nan Troupe who now wanders the street
  • Li Tao as Zhu Qingxiang, seasoned performer of San Sheng Troupe. Helped out Shang Xirui in his performance against Chen Renxiang
  • Jin Zi Yan as Ding Chaoyuan, seasoned performer of San Sheng Troupe. Helped out Shang Xirui in his performance against Chen Renxiang
  • Liu Guo Jiang (刘国江) as Wang Mengguang, seasoned performer of San Sheng Troupe. Helped out Shang Xirui in his performance against Chen Renxiang
Fan Family
  • Merxat as Fan Lian (voiced by Zhao Yi), also known as fourth master. Fan Xianger's younger brother. A flirtatious playboy known for his various flings. An opera lover, he was appointed as the Manager of Shui Yun Troupe
  • Chi Shuai as Chang Zhixin (voiced by Chi Shuai), Fan Xianger's cousin
  • Bai Bing as Jiang Mengping, Cheng Zhixin's wife. Shang Xirui's senior whom he grew up with and has a strong attachment to
  • Xu Han Qi (徐涵琦) as Feng Yi, Fan Lian and Zeng Aiyu's son. Shang Xirui's niece
Cao Family
  • Hei Zi as Cao Wanjin (voiced by Hei Zi), Commander
  • Tang Zeng as Cao Guixiu (voiced by Tang Zeng), Cao Wanjin's son. He used to be in a relationship with Cheng Meixin, and later has a child with Gu Dali
  • Yao Qing Ren as Lieutenant Sun, Cao Guixiu's subordinate
  • Chen Bao Guo as Lieutenant Zhang, Cao Wanjin's subordinate
Gu Tribe
  • Xu Zhi Nuo as Xue Zhicheng (Jiu Tiao He Ma), a Japanese opera fan who admires Shang Xirui. Despite being a descendant of Jiu Tiao family, he detests the idea of war and refused to go on the battlefield
  • Li Ang as as Colonel Sakata (Ban Tian Da Zuo), Jiu Tiao's subordinate
  • Shibuya Tenma as General Jiu Tiao
  • Liu Xiao Ye as Doctor Mu Cun, Cao Siling's nutritionist
  • Zhu Jia Xi as Qian Dai, Xue Qianshan's Japanese wife
Shanghai Liyuan Guild
  • Lou Yu Jian as Lin Danqiu, Shang Xirui's junior. Misunderstood to be Zeng Aiyu's brother
  • Wang Dong as Wang Qinxiang, Leader of Han Xiang Troupe. Yuan Xiaodi's senior
  • Jin Hui as Commerce Leader Tang, leader of Shanghai Liyuan Guild
  • Gao Shou as Boss Xue, member of Shanghai Liyuan Guild
  • Du Xiu Jun as Troupe Leader Liu, member of Shanghai Liyuan Guild and leader of San Fu Troupe

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  • 2020 Golden Bud - The Fifth Network Film And Television Festival: Top Ten Quality Web Series of the Year
  • 2020 9th iQiyi All-Star Carnival: Top Ten Television Series
  • 2020 7th Hengdian Film and TV Festival of China (Wenrong Awards):
  • 2020 9th China Student Television Festival: Most Recommended Television Series

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