Witch Amusement OST

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Witch Amusement OST


  • Title: 마녀유희 OST / Witch Amusement OST
  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Language: Korean
  • No. of tracks: 19
  • Release Date: 2007-Apr-03
  • Publisher: 더늠ENT

Track Listing[edit]

No. Song Title Artist
1. 운명의 장난
Oonmyeongeui Jangnan
A Game of Destiny
MC Jinri feat. HaHa
2. If
Jun Hye Bin
3. 그게 말이죠
Geuge Malijyo
What I Want to Say Is...
Tree Bicycle (나무자전거 )
4. Day By Day
Jo Gwan Woo (조관우)
5. 사랑아 내게 오기만 해 (Ver. 1)
Saranga Naege Ogiman Hae (Ver. 1)
My Love Come to Me (Ver. 1)
Ashily (애슐리)
6. Destiny
Lee Sung Wook (이성욱)
7. 사랑은 어려워
Sarangeun Eoryeoweon (Yeonwoo)
Love is Difficult
Park Chae Won (박채원)
8. Memories
Kim Yoo Kyung (김유경)
9. 그래
Na Chang Hyun (나창현)
10. 사랑아 내게 오기만 해 (Ver. 2)
Saranga Naege Ogiman Hae (Ver. 2)
My Love Come to Me (Ver. 2)
Ashily (애슐리)
11. Just Like Destiny (Inst.)
Oh Joon Sung
12. Run and Run (Inst.)
Oh Joon Sung
13. 사랑을 몰라 (Inst.)
Sarangeul Molla (Inst.)
Oh Joon Sung
14. 사랑이 힘들 때 (Inst.)
Sarangie Himdeul Ddae (Inst.)
Oh Joon Sung
15. 요리 Cook (Inst.)
Yori Cook (Inst.)
Oh Joon Sung
16. 左충右돌 (Inst.)
Jwachungwoodol (Inst.)
Oh Joon Sung
17. Love Lesson (Inst.)
Oh Joon Sung
18. 굳세어라 행진곡 (Inst.)
Gudseyara Haengjingok (Inst.)
Oh Joon Sung
19. Destiny Adagio (Inst.)
Oh Joon Sung

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