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Word of Honor


  • Title: 山河令 / Shan He Ling
  • English title: Word of Honor
  • Also known as: 天涯客 / Tian Ya Ke / Faraway Wanderers / A Tale of the Wanderers
  • Genre: Wuxia, adventure
  • Episodes: 36
  • Broadcast network: Youku
  • Broadcast period: 2021-Feb-22 to 2021-Mar-23
  • Air time: Monday to Sunday 18:00 (1 ep per day)
  • Original soundtrack: Word of Honor OST


Zhou Zishu decides to quit his job as the leader of an organization tasked with serving the royalty, leaving his past behind to travel around the world. On his journey, he unintentionally gets embroiled in a conspiracy in the martial arts world and meets Wen Kexing, a mysterious martial artist from the Ghost Valley who is on a mission to avenge his parents’ deaths. The two of them become fast friends, and embark on an adventure to find a legendary treasure that will give its owner ultimate power over jianghu.


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Former leader of Tian Chuang and current master of Si Ji Mountain Pavilion.
Master of Qing Ya Mountain's Ghost Valley.
Wen Kexing's maidservant. Known as the Wu Xin Zi Sha (无心紫煞).
Disciple of Qing Feng Sword Sect.
Third young master of Jing Hu Mountain Pavilion. Zhou Zishu's disciple.

Ghost Valley

A place where the most evil people in the world with nowhere else to go to gather

  • Chen Zi Han as Xi Sang Ghost / Luo Fumeng (voiced by Zhang Xin Yu), also known as Bo Qing Bu Zhu (薄情簿主) for her punishment toward relationship cheaters. Former lover of Zhao Jing
  • Ke Nai Yu as Liu Qianqiao (Yan Ghost) (voiced by Qiao Shi Yu), subordinate of Xi Sang Gui. Former lover of Yu Qiufeng
  • Xue Fei as Wu Chang Ghost, leader of the ten evil ghosts
  • Zhou Yao as Ji Se Ghost (voiced by Sun Lu Lu), known for preying on young women
  • Yang Chao Ran as Kai Xin Ghost (voiced by Zhang Zhan Kun)
  • Li Bao Er as Shi Shi Ghost (voiced by Guan Shuai), known for eating human flesh
  • Qiu Bin as Chang She Ghost, subordinate of Wu Chang Gui
  • Sun Zi Hang as Hei Wu Chang, subordinate of Wu Chang Gui
  • Sha Zi Xuan as Bai Wu Chang, subordinate of Wu Chang Gui
  • ??? as Diao Si Ghost (voiced by Zhang He)
  • Ye Xin Yu as Former Master of Ghost Valley

Imperial Court and Tian Chuang

One of the two most famous killer organizations. Serves Prince Jin

Scorpion Sect

One of the two most famous killer organizations

  • Li Dai Kun as Prince Xie (Scorpion King), head of Scorpion Sect and god son of Zhao Jing
  • Zhao Qian as Du Pusa (voiced by Cai Hai Ting), one of the four assassins
  • Yu Nai Jia as Qiao Luohan (voiced by Qiao Su), one of the four assassins
  • Liu Yue Tao as Qin Song, one of the four assassins
  • Pan Jian (潘健) as Jiang Lao Guai, one of the four assassins

Wu Hu Alliance

Consists of the five great sects and their respective leaders

Five Great Sect Leaders

  • Hei Zi as Gao Chong (voiced by Yang Mo), head of Wu Hu Alliance and leader of Yue Yang Sect
  • Wang Ruo Lin as Zhao Jing (voiced by Guo Hao Ran), leader of Tai Hu Sect. Known as the San Bai Hero. In control of the Scorpion Sect. Xi Sang Ghost's former lover
  • Guo Jia Hao as Shen Shen (voiced by Qi Si Jia), leader of Da Gu Shan Sect
  • Chang Jin as Zhang Yusen, leader of Jing Hu Sword Sect (Jing Hu Mountain Pavilion). Zhang Chengling's father
  • Yang Han as Lu Taichong, leader of Dan Yang Sect

Yue Yang Sect

Jing Hu Mountain Pavilion

  • Yan Ding Xiang Yu (闫丁翔宇) as Zhang Chengfeng, elder son of Zhang Yusen
  • Chen Qi (陈启) as Zhang Chengluan, second son of Zhang Yusen

Si Ji Mountain Pavilion

A former wulin stronghold who has now faded into existence

  • Gong Zheng Nan as Qin Huaizhang, master of Si Ji Mountain Pavilion. Zhou Zishu's teacher
  • Guo Jia Nan as Qin Jiuxiao, Qin Huaizhang's son and Zhou Zishu's close junior
  • Cao Xi Yue as Princess Jing An (voiced by Qiao Su), Zhou Zishu's junior and Qin Jiuxiao's lover
  • Cheng Wan Chuan (成万川) as Luo Hao

Chang Ming Mountain

  • Huang You Ming as Ye Baiyi (voiced by Jin Xian), sword immortal of Chang Ming Mountain. A mysterious and highly skilled martial artist who lived for a century
  • Li Ming Xuan as Rong Xuan, known as the Feng Shan Sword. Creator of the Martial Arts Library. Ye Baiyi's disciple

Long Yuan Pavilion

An organization that is adept in traps and machinations

Immortal Physician Valley

  • Zou Shi Zhong (邹世中) as Master of Immortal Physician Valley
  • Yu Xin Yan as Yue Feng'er, senior disciple of Immortal Physician Valley. Rong Xuan's wife
  • Ji Xiao Fei as Wen Ruyu, Wen Kexing's father
  • Ou Ruo La as Gu Miaomiao, Wen Kexing's mother


Qing Feng Sword Sect

Hua Shan Sect

One of the sects under the Wu Yue Sword Alliance

  • Liu Han Yang as Yu Qiufeng (voiced by Ling Zhen He), leader of Hua Shan Sect. Liu Qianqiao's former lover
  • Jia Yu (嘉裕) as Yu Tianjie, son of Yu Qiufeng
  • Kong Ling Zi (孔令孜) as He Ruicai, disciple of Hua Shan Sect

Tai Shan Sect

One of the sects under the Wu Yue Sword Alliance

Duan Jian Mountain Pavilion

  • Zhao Hong Wu as Mu Siyuan, leader of Duan Jian Mountain Pavilion
  • Yuan Shuai as Mu Yunge, disciple of Duan Jian Mountain Pavilion

Beggar Sect

Four Sages of An Xian



Production Credits


  • 2022 Golden Guduo Film & Television Awards: Quality Screenwriter of the Year (Xiao Chu)

Trivia and Notes

  • Filming period: 2020-Jun-03 to 2020-Sep-23
  • Filming location: Hengdian World Studios
  • Jing Beiyuan and Wu Xi are main characters of Tian Ya Ke's prequel, titled Qi Ye (七爷, also known as Seventh Lord).
  • The series is currently the highest rated BL drama novel adaptation in China, with a rating of 8.6 on Douban.

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