Xing Fu Pai Dian Bing Xiang

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Xing Fu Pai Dian Bing Xiang


  • Title: 幸福牌電冰箱 (幸福牌电冰箱) / Xing Fu Pai Dian Bing Xiang
  • Also Known as: Lucky Brand Refrigerator
  • Genre: Romance, Drama
  • Episodes: 1
  • Broadcast network: PTS
  • Broadcast period: 2006-May-22
  • Theme song: Self by Cheer Chen


Xiao Jie's mother told her that refrigerators can preserve anything, even love. Because of this, she stores all of her beloved items in the refrigerator but being a struggling writer, she could not afford one. Bo Bo is a poor magician who loves to drink milk very much, but due to his lack of a profession, his girlfriend left him, taking the refrigerator which preserved the milk.

One day, while Xiao Jie was admiring the Lucky brand refrigerator on display in a small store, Bo Bo rides by, both of their faces captured in the glass in front of the refrigerator. After finally purchasing the refrigerator, Bo Bo and Xiao Jie shared it because Xiao Jie needed to pay electricity and Bo Bo needed a place to store his milk. Thus started a love story of two struggling artists and the preserving power of the refrigerator.

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Xing Fu Pai Dian Bing Xiang is part 4 of a series of ministories in Life Story. Other stories in this series are unrelated but show an aspect of life that people usually don't think about, such as how refrigerators can preserve love.

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