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  • Name: やんちゃくれ
  • Name (romaji): Yanchakure
  • Genre: Asadora drama, human drama
  • Episodes: 150 x 15 minute episodes
  • Viewership: Ep1=24.0, High=26.3, Avg=22.5
  • Broadcast network: NHK
  • Broadcast period: 1998-Oct-05 to 1999-Apr-03
  • Theme song: Asobo by ulfuls


The 59th NHK Asadora Drama is Yanchakure. Location includes Osaka. In Osaka, "yanchakure" is a bit of an old word which is used to describe tomboyish or mischievous young girls. Mizushima Nagisa happens to be such a girl, that, no matter how well-intentioned her motives nor how hard she tries, Nagisa just seems to end up failing. In fact, she has failed at different things in her life so many times that she has come to see it as a source of personal strength, her philosophy being one of, "It's natural for a human being to fail many times in the course of their life and thanks to those failures we can become adults."

Set in Osaka from 1977 to 1999, this is the story of Nagisa one young woman coming of age in a small but long-established family of shipbuilders located along the Yodo River that flows through the city of Osaka. Nagisa goes to a traditional all-girls high school and participates in the rowing club. Nagisa's picture is run by a sports paper after she wins a local competition resulting in severe punishment by her school. Nagisa goes on to work at the sports paper and there, on an interview assignment, she meets the Olympic cyclist, Ooba Takashi and falls in love. From there Nagisa's life takes some dramatic twists and turns promising to keep audiences tuning in daily. Once again NHK tackles important issues for women in modern Japan in this drama; early marriage, divorce, self-discovery, work, family and finding one's place as a woman in the shifting tides of Japanese society. ---groink

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  • Konishi Miho was chosen out of a pool of 1789 applicants. Before she was chosen, she was working at a company as an office lady.

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