Yasashii Jikan

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Yasashii Jikan


  • Title: 優しい時間
  • Title (romaji): Yasashii Jikan
  • Also known as: Affectionate Time
  • Genre: Human drama
  • Episodes: 11
  • Viewership ratings: 14.9
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV
  • Broadcast period: 2005-Jan-13 to 2005-Mar-24
  • Air time: Thursday 22:00
  • Theme song: Ashita by Hirahara Ayaka


This is the story about one small coffee shop located in the northern island of Hokkaido.

Yukichi Wakui used to work as a successful businessman at a prestigious trading firm. He worked for several years in New York as well as other cities around the world. When his wife Megumi died at the age of 47 in a car accident three years ago, he decided to leave the company. He was only 57. When Megumi died in the accident, her 18-year-old son Takuro was at the wheel.

Yukichi declined an offer to switch to an affiliate company after his retirement, and moved to Megumi's hometown Furano, Hokkaido instead. There he started a small coffee shop named "The Forest Clock."

Unbeknownst to Yukichi, Takuro is working as an apprentice pottery maker in Biei—a town located 50km away from Furano. His father hasn't spoken a word to him since the accident.

One day, Takuro meets Azusa, the lovely Forest Clock employee who has a habit of accidentally breaking the shop's plates and cups. It doesn't take long for the two to fall in love.

Will the wall of ice between father and son ever melt?

Adding color to the drama are the conversations between Yukichi and the tourists and café-goers who drop in the shop. --Fuji TV

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Episode Information

Episode Air Date Subtitle Ratings
01 2005-Jan-13 Snowbugs 18.3
02 2005-Jan-20 Takuro 13.0
03 2005-Jan-27 First Snow 13.8
04 2005-Feb-03 Lingering Snow 13.5
05 2005-Feb-10 Memory 14.0
06 2005-Feb-17 Holy Night 15.6
07 2005-Feb-24 Son 13.3
08 2005-Mar-03 Blizzard 12.7
09 2005-Mar-10 Scar 15.1
10 2005-Mar-17 Tattoo 16.1
11 2005-Mar-24 Snowbreak 17.3
Average -- -- 14.9


  • 01. Forest Theme ~Soprano Version
  • 02. Tomorrow ~Instrumental Version
  • 03. "The Forest Clock" Theme ~Cello Version
  • 04. Time Together
  • 05. Takuro to Azu
  • 06. Bond ~Cello Version
  • 07. Forest Theme ~Thawing of the Heart
  • 08. "The Forest Clock" Theme ~Soprano Version
  • 09. Thank You ~Instrumental Version
  • 10. Anxiety and Sadness
  • 11. Throbbing
  • 12. The Regular Customers
  • 13. Takuro's Theme
  • 14. Azu's Theme
  • 15. Real Kindness is...
  • 16. Forest Theme ~In the embrace of Furano's forest
  • 17. "The Forest Clock" Theme
  • 18. Tomorrow
  • 19. Solitary Drive
  • 20. Tomorrow ~Music Box Version


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