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  • Title: 義経
  • Title (romaji): Yoshitsune
  • Genre: Jidaigeki renzoku
  • Episodes: 49
  • Viewership ratings: ep1=24.2 high=26.9 avg=19.4
  • Broadcast network: NHK
  • Broadcast period: 2005-Jan-09 to 2005-Dec-11
  • Air time: Sunday 20:00
  • Related TV shows: Minamoto no Yoshitsune (NHK, 1966), Minamoto Yoshitsune (NTV, 1991)


The 44th NHK Taiga Drama is about the life of Minamoto no Yoshitsune (源 義経) (1159 - May 17, 1189) was a late Heian and early Kamakura general of the Minamoto clan of Japan. Yoshitsune was the ninth son of Minamoto no Yoshitomo. His older brother Minamoto no Yoritomo founded the Kamakura shogunate.

This is the second of two times NHK covered this story. The first time was in the Taiga drama Minamoto no Yoshitsune (NHK, 1966).


Production Credits[edit]

  • Architecture researcher: Hirai Kiyoshi
  • Costume researcher: Koizumi Kiyoko
  • Entertainment researchers: Hashimoto Hiroyuki, Nomura Mannojo
  • Conduct coach: Saruwaka Seizaburo
  • Sword battle/military arts coach: Hayashi Kunishiro
  • Horsemanship coach: Tanaka Koubo
  • Incense coach: Iwamoto Saeko
  • Koyto/palace speech coach: Kobayashi Yuri
  • Suruga speech coach: Kobayashi Yukihiko
  • Flute coach: Inaba Akinori
  • Production unifier: Suwabe Akio
  • Segment narrator (opening dialog): Kakinuma Kaku
  • Segment narrator (Yoshitsune Travels): Hirano Keiko
  • Flugel horn performer: Sergei Nakariakov


  • NHK aired a 45-minute special called "Yoshitsune Special Talks". The show introduces the inside stories from the production, told by Takizawa Hideaki and the actors who acted Yoshitsune's retainers. Matsuzaka Keiko, the actress who played Tokiko, and Nakai Kiichi, who played Yoritomo Minamotono, will join them as well. Air date: 2005-12-16 23:00-23:43. All times JST.
  • NHK aired a three-part Yoshitune Highlights series in late December 2005. Each year, the highlights special wraps up the year's taiga drama. This special version rearranged 49 episodes of the drama to trace the well-known episodes in Yoshitsune's life. At the end of each part, Takizawa Hideaki, along with other members in the drama will have a casual talk to introduce memories and stories during the production. Air dates: 2005-12-24 (Part 1) 19:30-20:45, 2005-12-25 (Part 2) 16:45-18:00, and 2005-12-25 (Part 3) 19:30-20:45. All times JST.
  • NHK released Yoshitsune as a DVD box set on 2006-Mar-24. Price is 31,500円 (roughly US$315.00)

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