You Who Came From the Stars

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You Who Came From the Stars


  • Title: 별에서 온 그대 / Byeoleseo On Geudae
  • Also known as: You Came From the Stars / My Lover From The Stars / You From Another Star / My Love From Another Star
  • Previously known as: 별에서 온 남자 / Byeoleseo On Namja (Man From the Stars)
  • Genre: Romance, comedy, fantasy, melodrama, thriller
  • Episodes: 21
  • Broadcast network: SBS
  • Broadcast period: 2013-Dec-18 to 2014-Feb-27
  • Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00
  • Original Soundtrack: You Who Came From the Stars OST
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Do Min Joon first arrived on earth in 1609, but in order to protect a girl he met, he missed his chance to return to his home planet. Four centuries later, he is still living in Korea and working as a professor, the latest of many identities he's taken on through the years. Understanding that he doesn't belong to this world, the exceedingly rational Do Min Joon maintains distance from everyone save for one friend Jang Young Mok who knows his secret. All is quiet and well for him until top actress Chun Song Yi moves in next door and comes barging into his cloistered life. Loud, proud and bumbling yet irrepressibly lovable, Song Yi throws Do Min Joon off guard, and he can't help but protect her when her career takes a stumble. The two begin to fall in love despite themselves but Do Min Joon's days on earth are numbered. --Yesasia

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Main Cast

People around Chun Song Yi
  • Na Young Hee as Yang Mi Yun (54, Song Yi's mother)
  • Uhm Hyo Sup as Chun Min Goo (56, Song Yi's father)
  • Ahn Jae Hyun as Chun Yoon Jae (18, Song Yi's younger brother)
  • Hong Jin Kyung as Hong Bok Ja / Hong Hye In (28, comic book store owner)
  • Jo Se Ho (조세호) as Chul Soo (comic book store costumer/unemployed neighbor 1)
  • Nam Chang Hee as Hyuk (comic book store costumer/unemployed neighbor 2)
People around Do Min Joon
People around Lee Hwi Kyung
People around Yoo Se Mi
  • Lee Il Hwa as Han Sun Young (49, Se Mi's mother)
  • Oh Sang Jin as Yoo Suk (31, prosecutor/Se Mi's older brother)

Extended Cast

Cameos and Special Appearances

Production Credits


2015 27th Korea Producer and Director Awards
  • Best Drama

2015 24th Seoul Music Awards

  • Best Drama OST (LYn - My Destiny)

2015 15th Huading Awards

2015 29th Golden Disk Awards

  • Best Drama OST (Huh Gak - Tears Like Today)
2014 SBS Drama Awards
2014 27th Grimae Awards
  • Daesang - Cinematograph (Lee Gil Bok, Jung Min Gyun)
  • Best Director (Jang Tae Yoo)
2014 22nd Korea Culture and Entertainment Awards
2014 16th Mnet Asian Music Awards
  • Best Drama OST (LYn - My Destiny)
2014 3rd APAN Star Awards
2014 6th MelOn Music Awards
  • Best Drama OST (LYn - My Destiny)
2014 8th Tokyo International Drama Festival
  • Special Award for Foreign Dramas
  • Best Actor in Asia (Kim Soo Hyun)
2014 7th Korea Drama Awards
2014 9th Seoul International Drama Awards
  • Excellent Korean Drama
  • Outstanding Korean Actor (Kim Soo Hyun)
  • Outstanding Korean Drama OST (LYn - My Destiny)
  • Popularity (People Choice) Award (Kim Soo Hyun)
2014 41st Korea Broadcasting Awards
2014 20th Shanghai Television Festival Magnolia Awards
  • Silver Award, Best Foreign TV Series
2014 50th Baeksang Arts Awards

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