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  • Song title: 原來
  • Song title (hanyu pinyin): Yuan Lai
  • Song title (English): The Hidden Truth
  • Sung by: Aaron Yan
  • Music and Lyrics: Chen Jian Qi (陳建騏) / Lan Xiao Xie (藍小邪)
  • Related drama: Alice in Wonder City


原來心酸 是這樣的
原來無所謂 很難
原來看著你給他 最動人的笑聲
我自認堅固的心 會疼

原來這就是 遺憾
原來不後悔 很難

如果我能 早點承認
對你依賴多麼深 現在會怎樣
如果我能 像你那樣勇敢天真
或許我 更值得 你愛

Lyrics (Hanyu pinyin)

yuan lai xin suan shi zhe yang de
yuan lai wu suo wei hen nan
yuan lai kan zhe ni gei ta zui dong ren de xiao sheng
wo zi ren jian gu de xin hui ten

yuan lai zhe jiu shi yi han
yuan lai bu hou hui hen nan
yuan lai wo hui xian mu ta
nen rang ni xiao de zhe me ta sheng
wo mei you tian fen

ru gu wo neng zao dian cheng ren
dui ni yi lai duo me shen xian zai hui zen yang
ru guo wo nen xiang ni na yang yong gan tian zhen
huo xu wo geng zhi de ni ai


So this is how heartache feels like
As it turns out, it's very difficult to be indifferent
As it turns out, watching you giving him the most lovely laughter
Hurts my presumed hardened heart

So this is regret
As it turns out, it's difficult to not feel remorse
As it turns out, I envy him
For making you laugh this loud
I don't have that talent

If I had admit already
How much I depend on you, then what would we be now
If I could be as brave and wholesome as you
Then maybe I'll be more deserving of your love

--Translated by WaterOB 17:41, 3 July 2012 (UTC)