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  • Title: 真情告别 / Zhen Qing Gao Bie
  • English Title: True Farewell
  • Genre: Romance, modern drama
  • Episodes: 23 (TV Broadcast) or 25 (Online Version)
  • Broadcast year: 2006 (TV Broadcast), 2003 (Online Version)
  • Opening theme song: Xin Ting de Jian《心听得见》English translt.: "Heart audible" by Qu Ying & Hu Bing
  • Ending theme song: Hao de Wo Cai Ai《好的我才爱》English transtl.: "Well I just love" by Hu Bing


Pasca-graduated from college study, Wen Na (Qu Ying) was accepted to work in a magazine publisher (named: Àimù《爱慕》 / (english.translt: "Adore")) as editor. Senior editor, Wen Na's superiors, is An Chen (Hu Bing), had a bitter experience in his love. 2 years ago, his fiancée died after they had debate because of different opinions that caused him regrets too drawn-out. The other senior-editor (more highly experienced), Zhou Nianjin (Hu Dong), with his wife recently divorced. With the Wen Na as new employees, make his life more cheerful. He fell in love with Wen Na, and Wen Na also getting a good impression on him. The successful career woman is Li Hua (Kong Lin), was as a new Chief Editor of that magazine publisher. First time when she met An Chen who temperament, stubbornly, and haughty, she felt resentful. But gradually she feels comfortable on him and finally she fell in love with him. While An Chen became interested on Wen Na's character. There was the tragedy of a love quadrangle between them at that magazine publisher office.

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