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Category Bug

There seems to be a bug where if you tag an entry with a category and that category doesn't exist yet then that entry will always list that Category's link as an "edit" link, i.e. it doesn't think that Category exist even if you created it afterwards.

Two ways around this.

  • Create the Category before you apply it to an entry.
  • If you already applied a category to an entry and that category doesn't exist yet then
  1. Create the Category
  2. Go back to the entry and edit it
  3. Make some sort of change (or if you don't want to change anything just add something in, save it then edit it again to remove it)
  4. Save the edit
  5. You will now notice the entry properly list the Category as being there

Removed the Category Bug part because it is obsolete. You just need to fill the body of a category page before it works. Either add a scentence which describes the purpose of the category or put it into another category. --MoerkJ 12:33, 12 Feb 2006 (EST)