Stewardess Monogatari

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Stewardess Monogatari



  • Title: スチュワーデス物語
  • Title (romaji): Stewardess Monogatari
  • Also known as: A Stewardess' Story
  • Genre: Renzoku drama, human drama
  • Episodes: 22
  • Broadcast network: Daiei TV (now TBS)
  • Broadcast period: 1983-Oct-18 to 1984-Mar-27
  • Theme song: What a feeling by Asakura Miki

Series Synopsis

Training center for the cabin attendant of JAL is the stage for this drama. The heroine of this drama, Matsumoto Chiaki is one of the trainees in 478th class. She lives in the company dormitory by the name of [KURENAI-RYOU] with her classmates and aims to be a flight attendant and struggles with training with her friends and rivals.


Production Credits


  • Some of the crew instructors appearing in the drama are real-life Japan Airlines employees.
  • The Japan Airlines Boeing 747-246B shown rolling across the runway near the beginning of episode 2 (and presumably the airplane you see during the opening sequence of each episode), registration number JA8105 entered service with Japan Airlines in 1971; it served with Japan Airlines for 28 years before it was sold off in 1999. Currently the aircraft is in storage in the United States, under registration number N741LA.

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