The Butcher School Master

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The Butcher School Master


  • Title: 點解阿sir係隻鬼
  • Cantonese title: Dim Gai Ah Sir Hai Jak Gui
  • English title: The Butcher School Master
  • Also known as: 學堂威龍
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast network: ATV
  • Broadcast period: 1991
  • Related TV shows: Viva de Pilot


Lam Sai Wing (Lo Hoi Pang) was an apprentice of the legendary Master Wong Fei Hung. Because he had killed too many during his lifetime, he was delayed from reincarnation, and his soul was somehow trapped inside a high school. A group of wealthy students, Chui Man Kin (Edward Mok), Sze Chun Nam (Sunny Chan), and Tsang Chi Sing (Cheung Kam Ching) were upset about the greedy behaviors of the school mistress, Liu Wai Chu, and the disciplinary counselor, Au Yeung Hip Sing. The students played tricks upon them, and accidentally led them to death. Seizing this opportunity, Wing returned to life after entering into the teacher's body. Without any experience as a teacher, Wing created a lot of trouble, and made the entire school livelier. As the school atmosphere improved, Hip Sing's soul returned and demanded to return into his own body.


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