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Ai Le San Le


  • Title: 爱了散了 / Ai Le San Le
  • Also known as: Love, Break Up
  • Genre: Drama, romance
  • Episodes: 33
  • Broadcast year: 2007
  • Theme song: Ai Le San Le (爱了散了) Love, Break Up by Lin Yi Lun and Wang Li
  • Insert song: Dong Tian Li De Mian Yi (冬天里的棉衣) Winter's Cotton Clothes by Deng Rong (邓蓉)


"To walk closer to you is to walk towards pain; to walk away from you is to leave behind happiness."

During a mountain climbing trip arranged by her best friend Qiao Yu, Dong Xiao Han meets Chen Feng, and it was love at first sight. The two make love during a rainy day, a moment of happiness at perhaps too great a cost. Xiao Han has been married for three years to Fang Kai, a man who can be considered successful in almost every respect except one: he is impotent. Xiao Han soon discovers that she's pregnant with Chen Feng's child and that her husband is returning home early from overseas... -- Lady Zhuge

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