The Legend of Chu Liuxiang

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Chu Liu Xiang 2007


  • Title: 楚留香传奇 / Chu Liu Xiang Chuan Qi
  • English title: A Legendary Knight
  • Also known as: The Legend of Chu Liu Xiang
  • Genre: Wuxia
  • Episodes: 43
  • Broadcast network: CCTV-8
  • Broadcast period: 2007-Dec-10* start
  • Opening theme song: Xiang Jian Yin (香剑吟) by Li Fei (李飞) and Tian Yi (田毅)
  • Ending theme songs: Ying Xiong Yi Nu Wei Hong Yan by Xiao Zhuang (小壮) and She Man Ni (佘曼妮)
Ren Xiao Yao (任逍遥) by Wu Pin Chun (吴品醇)


The story is divided into three chapters.

In this first chapter, Chu Liu Xiang is falsely accused of stealing the Sacred Water Temple's magic water and using it to kill various wulin elders. With the help of his female companion Song Tian Er (and later Su Rong Rong), Chu Liu Xiang goes off on a journey to solve this mystery and to clear his name.

The second chapter, Chu Liu Xiang and gang get involved in a struggle of power between the Desert Kingdom and the ruthless Shi Guan Yin. With her demonic golden mask, Shi Guan Yin looks mysterious and intimidating and will become Chu Liu Xiang's chief nemesis throughout the chapter.

In the third chapter, Chu Liu Xiang and gang leave the desert and return back to the mainland. Chu Liu Xiang and gang eventually get caught up in a plot involving the cunning Liu Wu Mei, the ex-monk Wu Hua and the Queen of the Water Temple.

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  • Third highest viewership for series broadcast on CCTV-8 in 2007 *
  • Ju Jue Liang only directed the beginning of the series.

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