My Mother and My Mother-in-Law

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Dang Po Po Yu Shang Ma


  • Title: 当婆婆遇上妈 / Dang Po Po Yu Shang Ma
  • Also known as: When Mother-in-law Meets Mother / 婆婆妈妈 (Po Po Ma Ma) / 一个婆婆两个妈 (Yi Ge Po Po Liang Ge Ma)
  • Genre: Family, modern drama
  • Episodes: 30
  • Broadcast network: Various
  • Broadcast period: 2011-Jul
  • Ending theme song: Zhen Qing Xiang Yong (真情相拥) by Tian Yi (田毅)


Marriage is not a story of two people, but of two families. The story is further complicated if the mothers involved are not the most reasonable of people, in which case marriage will oftentimes signify the beginning of a long and drawn-out war. This particular war begins when Luo Jia and Chen Da Ke decide to elope against their mothers' wishes. Da Ke's mother had wanted him to marry the daughter of the Bureau Chief, so Luo Jia's appearance as her new daughter-in-law was certainly not going to bode well for a smooth married life.

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