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A talk page is a special DramaWiki page containing discussion about the contents of its associated "subject" page. To view the talk page of an article, click on the discussion link on the border of the screen (the location depends on the skin you are using and whether you have changed your presentation preferences). In the default DramaWiki presentation, the discussion link is found at the top of the page, next to the edit link. When you are on the talk page, clicking on the article link will take you back to the main article.

The talk pages are meant for the collaborators on an article to discuss editing matters regarding the main article. It is the place to solve editing disputes, to make suggestions for improvement of the article, or to point out errors in the article.

Talk pages are no place for private talk. If you want to express how much you like or dislike a specific drama or actor then you should go to dedicated discussion forums.

Note: it is proper Wikiquette to sign your posts on talk pages. This can be done automatically either by typing four tildes (~~~~) at the end of your message or by hitting the "signature button" on the edit panel.

See also Wikipedia:Talk pages for more info about talk pages and how to use them.