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Jin Tai Lang De Xing Fu Sheng Huo


  • Title: 金太狼的幸福生活 / Jin Tai Lang De Xing Fu Sheng Huo
  • Also known as: The Happy Life of Jin Tai Lang
  • Genre: Modern comedy
  • Episodes: 40
  • Broadcast networks: Dragon TV, Henan TV, Anhui TV, Jiangsu TV
  • Broadcast period: 2012-May-22 to 2012-Jun-10
  • Airtime: 19:30
  • Opening theme song: Hao Nan Ren De Mi Mi Wu Qi (好男人的秘密武器) A Good Man's Secret Weapon by Wang Lei
  • Ending theme song: Jin Tai Lang Ai Mi Xiao Mi (金太狼爱米小米) Jin Tai Lang Loves Mi Xiao Mi by Li Xiao Lu
  • Insert songs:
  • Ni De Xing Fu Shi Wo Men Zui Hao De Li Wu (你的幸福是我们最好的礼物) Your Happiness is Our Best Gift by Wang Zheng Liang (王铮亮)
  • Jin Jia Lao Tou (金家老头) Jin Household's Senior by Dong Dong Dong (董冬冬)
  • You Wo Zhang Wo (由我掌握) In My Control by Xu Pei Jun (许培军)


Entertainment reporter Xiao Mi marries gynecologist Jin Liang behind her mother's back. Divorced for many years and a single parent, Wang Shu Hua had always wanted her daughter to marry a Beijing native, but Jin Liang was only a "bei piao" (someone not originally from, but lives and works in Beijing, and whose residency permit is elsewhere) and a male gyne, no less. After almost suffering a heart attack upon finding out the news, Shu Hua gradually accepts reality. However, married life not all wine and roses from here on out. The couple lives with Jin Liang's father, with whom Xiao Mi is constantly at odds. When Shu Hua also gets involved, things only go from bad to worse...

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