Liao Zhai: The Flower Spirit

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Liao Zhai Hua Gu Zi


  • Title: 聊斋花姑子 / Liao Zhai Hua Gu Zi
  • Also known as: Liu Jai: The Flower Spirit
  • Genre: Supernatural, romance, drama, comedy
  • Episodes: 33
  • Broadcast year: 2004
  • Opening theme song: Wu Fei Yang (舞飞飏) by Han Xiao (含笑)
  • Ending theme song: Xiang Si Lei (相思泪) by Chen Qian Qian (陈倩倩)
  • Related TV shows: See Liao Zhai


Adapted from the story of Hua Gu Zi from Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio.

An You Yu is a kind hearted man who loves and cherishes animals dearly. One day when out in the mountains, he stumbles across and saves the lives of three river deers who were being hunted by the son of the county magistrate Xiong Da Cheng. The three river deers turn out to be deer spirits Hua Gu Zi and her family.

Touched, Hua Gu Zi decides to find ways to repay his kindness. What follows is a tragic tale of love between a human and a spirit...

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