The Fatal Mission

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The Fatal Mission


  • Title: 怒江之战 / Nu Jiang Zhi Zhan
  • English title: The Fatal Mission
  • Genre: War, espionage, action
  • Broadcast network: QQ / Dragon TV
  • Broadcast period: 2016-Jun-07 / 2016-Jul-11
  • Theme song: Xin Yuan (心愿) by Jia Qing


In 1942, Chinese Expeditionary Force suffered heavy casualties in their effort to expel the Japanese from Burma. A year later, the Chinese received intel that Japanese might be developing biological weapon. They sent a small specialized squad to stop the Japanese plot. To accomplish the mission, the team must cross over the raging Nujiang river, overcome the harsh landscape of Savage Mountain, and infiltrate the Japanese camp without detection.

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