Under the Bodhi Tree

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Pu Ti Shu Xia


  • Title: 菩提树下之儿本无罪 / Pu Ti Shu Xia Zhi Er Ben Wu Zui
  • Also known as: Under der Linden / Under the Bodhi Tree
  • Genre: Period drama, romance
  • Episodes: 53
  • Broadcast network: Various
  • Broadcast period: 2011-Jul
  • Ending theme song: Xiang Jia Pu Sa (相加菩萨) by Lv Yi


1st Master Long and his sworn brother Fang Xiu Cai, work together to save their village people during a serious epidemic. They later discover that the cause of the disease is the vicious scheme of Madam Long and 2nd Master Long. The cruel pair later cause the death of 1st Master Long and frame Fang Xiu Cai for the epidemic, hence causing the death of the entire Fang family with Fang Xiu Cai's infant son being the sole survivor. While escaping death, Fang Xiu Cai's son is accidentally swapped with the son of the Long family. The real heir of the Long family is adopted by the Guan family while Fang's son is brought up by the Long family.

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