Wan Ku Shi Zi Fei

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  • Title: 纨绔世子妃 / Wan Ku Shi Zi Fei
  • English title:
  • Genre: Historical, Romance
  • Episodes: 30
  • Broadcast network: TBA
  • Broadcast period: 2020


Rumors has it that Yun Qianyue, the eldest daughter of Prince Yun manor; is playful, arrogant and illiterate. In reality, the rumors were spread because Yun Qianyue does not want to marry into the Imperial Family and has been in disguise as Ye Tianshuo's subordinate for nearly a decade. Yun Qianyue is actually in love with Rong Jing from the Prince Rong manor, but is oppressed by the Imperial Family's authority.

Rong Jing, a man who possesses extraordinary good looks, suffers from a disease that left him weak and sick for years due to the aftereffects of aphrodisiac. To find a cure for him, Yun Qianyue triggers the Phoenix flight without a care for consequences. However at the same time, the current Emperor Ye Qingran is deeply in love with Yun Qianyue and to gain her love, he puts a life-and-death lock heart poison into her body, thus forbidding her from leaving his side. Despite losing her memories due to the poison, Yun Qianyue does not forget her true heart.


Production Credits[edit]

  • Original Writing: Wan Ku Shi Zi Fei (纨绔世子妃) by Qi Ziqing (西子情)
  • Director: Guo Hu (郭虎)
  • Screenwriter: Zhang Zhi Xi (张芷溪)
  • Producer: Liu Yang (刘阳)
  • Company: H&R Century Pictures, You You Cao TV & Film, Character Media

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