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  • Title: 我的野蠻奶奶 / 我的野蛮奶奶
  • Cantonese/Mandarin title: Ngo Dik Yea Man Lai Lai / Wo De Ye Man Nai Nai
  • Genre: Comedy, romance
  • Broadcast network: TVB

Season 1

War of In-Laws (Liza Wang, Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong)
  • Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast period: 2005-Jul-18 to 2005-Aug-12
  • Air time: Monday to Friday 21:00-22:00
  • Theme song: by Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong and Liza Wang


There is a very bossy princess in a town, Sheuk Lan Kak Kak. Everyone is scared of her because she's the cousin of a queen. She has a lot of influence in the town and nobody dares to tell her anything.

She's married to Ling Fung Tak and has one son named Ling Mau Chun. When she tries to find her son a good wife, he accidentally marries Sap Yat. Actually Sheuk Lan Kak Kak wants her son to marry a good girl, but that girl has run away from home and because Sap Yat is running away from the police, she disguises as the runaway bride.

Sap Yat is actually the daughter of the leader of a gang of thieves. When her husband and the bossy princess find out about this, the princess really dislikes Sap Yat and her family. She always causes problems for Sap Yat's family.

Sap Yat doesn't like Mau Chun at all, as she thinks he's useless. Instead she starts liking a masked hero. She always thinks the masked hero is a lot better than her husband, but the masked hero is actually her husband.

Mau Chun plays an "useless" person in order to hide the fact that he knows martial arts. If his secret is discovered, his family could be in danger. But this is very hard for him after he married Sap Yat. He really likes Sap Yat, but Sap Yat likes the masked hero. What can he do in order to make her like him for who he is?

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  • Liza Wang as Sheuk Lan Gak Gak 鑠蘭格格
  • Myolie Wu as Sap Yat 十一 / Tin Lik 田力
  • Bosco Wong as Ling Mao Chun 甯茂春 / But Lau Ming 不留名
  • Bill Chan as Ling Fung Tak 甯豐德 (Mao Chun's father)
  • Suet Nei as Ling Wai Qing 甯慧卿 (Mao Chun's grandmother)
  • Christine Ng as Lung Hou Hou 龍巧巧 (Sap Yat's aunt)
Extended Cast


  • 2005 TVB Anniversary Awards: Best Drama
  • 2005 TVB Anniversary Awards: Best Actress (Liza Wang)
  • 2005 TVB Anniversary Awards: Most Improved Actor (Bosco Wong)

Season 2

War of In-Laws II
  • Title: 野蠻奶奶大戰戈師奶 (野蛮奶奶大战戈师奶)
  • English title: War of In-Laws II
  • Also known as: 我的野蠻新抱, 我的野蠻奶奶2007 (我的野蛮新抱, 我的野蛮奶奶2007) (War of In-Laws 2007)
  • Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast period: 2008-Jan-01 to 2008-Jan-27
  • Air time: Monday to Friday 20:30-21:30
  • Opening theme song: Goodbye (再見) by Liza Wang and Fama
  • Insert songs:


A modern sequel to the 2005 ancient comedy drama War of In-Laws. Liza Wang will reprise her role as the sassy mother-in-law who heads a fashion design company. Myolie Wu is a tomboyish police officer who becomes romantically involved with Liza's son portrayed by Bosco Wong, a rich pretty boy in disguise.


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Viewership Ratings

Week Average Points
Week 1 (Episodes 01-04) 33
Week 2 (Episodes 05-09) 33
Week 3 (Episodes 10-13) 32
Week 4 (Episodes 14-18) 32
Week 4 (Episodes 19-20) 37

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