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Let's get one thing straight... An artist page on the DramaWiki should be a brief summary - NOT a gigantic fanpage for the artist. There are many other fansites for this artist with the exact same information. We do not have to repeat every little detail here. Therefore, I'm keeping this page to DramaWiki standards by placing the content focus back on the dramas the artist appeared in, rather than the artist himself.

Please look at the the other artist pages for examples of how we do things here. If there are any policy issues that need to be discussed further, please bring them up on the official DramaWiki topic on the D-Addicts forums. Groink 16:36, 29 Jan 2006 (EST)

is it possible to add his height? which is 175 cm. i got the source from an interview of him, so the height came straight from him. anywhos, since everyone else has their height written why can't yamapi have one.

Because everyone else screwed up his height, we need to cite a resource that is either printed in a magazine, or published on an official web site. Just hearing it on the radio or watching it on TV is no longer good enough. Groink 15:47, 1 Sep 2007 (CDT)

but it came straight out of yamashita's mouth, isn't that credible enough?

If you were the president of Japan, then maybe we'd believe you. But seriously, we can't take information purely based on heresay. I can right now tell you something and claim I heard it from the actor himself. Just like Wikipedia, we need published proof. Groink 15:52, 1 Sep 2007 (CDT)
Just to add to this... The reason I'm being a total dick about this is because, if you study the history of this article, his body dimensions have been changed dozens of times. This guy can't be shrinking and growing by the day. Although YOU heard him say he's 175cm, another editor can come along tomorrow and say he read off a fandork site that he's 179cm. See why published proof from an official source is important? We're not as strict about the citing policy on other articles, but we don't see the same amount of conflicting editing as we do for Yamashita-san. Groink 15:56, 1 Sep 2007 (CDT)

Here is a scan from the latest issue (October 2007) of Popolo magazine which reports Yamashita's height as 175cm and weight as 60kg. --Lady Zhuge 09:23, 2 Sep 2007 (CDT)

See, editors? What Lady Zhuge just did here is the PROPER method of citing a fact. That's all I ask for - something within the Internet that points to a credible source. We should assume then that the 173cm/68kg given by Jth is old information. Go ahead and add the height/weight info back to the article, and remove my comments in the article. Also, mark the data in the article by putting a hyperlink next to the data. Then that way everyone else will see that the data has been cited. Groink 15:12, 2 Sep 2007 (CDT)