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One Percent of Anything


  • Title: 1%의 어떤 것 / 1% eh uh ddun gut
  • Also known as: Something About 1% / 1% of Anything
  • Episodes: 26
  • Broadcast network: MBC
  • Broadcast period: 2003-Jul-06 to 2003-Dec-28
  • Air time: Sunday 9:50 AM
  • Related TV shows: One Percent of Anything (Dramax, 2016, Remake)


Kim Da Hyun is a warm-hearted middle-school teacher, who has little interest in wealth, and loves to helping others. One day, on the train, she aids an elderly gentleman, who finds this quite admirable. He turns out to be extremely wealthy, and decides she's perfect for his favorite grandson, Lee Jae In. Jae In is a hot-tempered businessman who expects to inherit the family company. By writing a will saying he'll give his entire fortune to the person who marries Da Hyun, the grandfather forces Jae In to meet with her. Although the two do not get along at first, he persuades her into a contract dating relationship. Over time, the relationship that seemed 99% impossible ends up being that 1% chance of a "perfect" match.

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