100% Senorita

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100% Senorita


  • Title: 千金百分百 / Qian Jin Bai Fen Bai
  • Also known as: Twin Sisters
  • Episodes: 40
  • Broadcast network: CTS / SETTV
  • Broadcast year: 2004
  • Opening theme song: Xing Fu De Di Tu (幸福的地圖) Map Of Happiness by Elva Hsiao
  • Ending theme song: Disguise by Lene Marlin
  • Insert song: Somebody by Wallace Huo


A surrogate mother gives birth to twins. She keeps Liang Xiao Feng and gives away Zhuang Fei Yang who grows up in a wealthy family. Zhuang Fei Yang is the heiress of Formosa Inc. a company owned by her dad and CEO Peter. When her father dies, Peter tries to kill the beautiful heiress. Fortunately, she survives without Peter knowing and undergoes plastic surgery that makes her face look completely different.

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