365: Repeat the Year

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365: Repeat the Year


  • Title: 365: 운명을 거스르는 1년 / 365: Unmyeong-eul Geoseureuneun 1nyeon
  • Also known as: 365: A Year Against Destiny / 365: One Year Against Destiny / 365: A Year of Defying Fate
  • Genre: Thriller, fantasy, mystery, crime, time-travel
  • Episodes: 24
  • Broadcast network: MBC
  • Broadcast period: 2020-Mar-23 to 2020-Apr-28
  • Air time: Monday and Tuesday 20:55 (2 episodes back-to-back)
  • Original Soundtrack: 365: Repeat the Year OST
  • Related TV shows: Repeat (NTV/YTV, 2018)


A story of ten people who get the chance to go back to one year ago and change their destiny, But they are involved in mysterious events and face a destiny they never expected. Ji Hyung Joo (Lee Joon Hyuk) used to be part of the traffic police but was promoted when he arrested a wanted criminal. Shin Ga Hyun (Nam Ji Hyun) is a webtoon writer called "Hidden Killer". She experiences a sudden incident. Ga Hyun along with Hyung Joo and eight others get the chance to "reset" their lives.


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Main Cast
People who got invited to 'Reset'
Team of Kang Ryuk 1 (violent crimes investigation unit)
  • Ryu Tae Ho as Heo Jang Il (team leader, late 50s)
  • Lee Sung Wook (이성욱) as Park Sun Ho (Ji Hyung Joo's detective partner, late 30s)
  • Yoon Hye Ri (윤혜리) as Jin Sa Kyung (detective, late 20s)
  • Ryeoun as Nam Sun Woo (detective, mid 20s)
People around Shin Ga Hyun
  • Min Do Hee as Min Joo Young (webtoon assistant, late 20s)
  • Im Hyun Soo (임현수) as Han Woo Jin (webtoon manager, early 30s)
  • Oh Hee Joon as Goo Seung Min (Ga Hyun's new manager)
Other supporting cast

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Episode Ratings

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  • 2020 39th MBC Drama Awards:
    • Top Excellence Award, Actress in a Monday-Tuesday Miniseries / Short Drama (Nam Ji Hyun)
    • Excellence Award, Actor in a Monday-Tuesday Miniseries / Short Drama (Lee Joon Hyuk)
    • Best Supporting Actor (Lee Sung Wook (이성욱))
  • 2020 5th Asia Artist Awards: Best Acting Award (Lee Joon Hyuk)


  • Each night's broadcast is divided into two 35 minute parts with a commercial break in between.
  • First script reading took place in November 23, 2019 Seoul, South Korea.
  • Based on the 2004 Japanese novel "Repeat" (リピート) by Inui Kurumi (乾くるみ).

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