A Game about Love

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A Game about Love


  • Title: 剪刀 石頭 布 / Jian Dao Shi Tou Bu
  • English title: A Game About Love
  • Also known as: Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Genre: Romance / Comedy
  • Episodes: 27
  • Broadcast network: CTS
  • Broadcast period: 2006-Nov-08 to 2006-Dec-14
  • Air time: Weekdays 21:00
  • Opening theme song: Xiao Nu Ren (小女人) Little Woman by Jasmine Ting
  • Ending theme song: Ai Bu Zai (愛不在) Love Isn't Here by Melody
  • Insert song: Rang Wo Jing Yi Jing (讓我靜一靜) Let Me Calm Down by Van Fan


After Ke-luo's recognition party, Qi-xiang and Ke-luo finish cleaning up the studio. As they are rather tired, they start messing around and knock down a vase, which starts a fire. At the same time, Duo-li who just finished working overtime looked outside the window and saw smoke in the building across from hers. She hurriedly rushed out to check..

Meanwhile, Qi-xiang and Ke-luo had quickly put out the fire and in the process, hurt Ke-luo's foot. Finding that the power got cut and the doors got locked, they decide to settle down and wait for help. Duo-li hurries and finds that there are people inside and help them call the police to open the doors for them. She waits outside with them until the cops arrive, then leaves, leaving Qi-xiang and Ke-luo mystified. Ke-luo feels a connection with Duo-li and asks Qi-xiang to find her for him. How will this end?

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Production Credits

  • Original work: Na Yi Tian Na Yi Ye (那一天那一夜) by Huang Yuan (黃願)
  • Director: Zhang Zhe Shu (張哲書)

Review by Mariska

This was the kind of drama that isn't all that interesting, but is still very addicting. Why was it a bit suckish? Well, none of the characters stood out and were likable. I felt that all of them annoyed me at some point. Also, the storyline was too complex and depressing. Most importantly though, it dragged and took ages to get to the point. In some episodes, hardly anything even happened. But as I said, it was still addicting.

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