A Pillow Case of Mystery

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  • Title: 施公奇案
  • Cantonese/Mandarin title: Si Gong Kay Awn / Shi Gong Qi An
  • English title: A Pillow Case of Mystery
  • Genre: Mystery, fantasy

Season 1

A Pillow Case of Mystery
  • Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast network: TVB
  • Broadcast period: 2006-Jan-31 to 2006-Feb-26
  • Air time: Monday to Friday 21:00 to 22:00
  • Theme song: Know First Feel First (先知先覺) by Benny Chan


Sze Sai Lun, along with his family, comes into town to be its new judge. He soon ends up having to sentence the town fool. When the fool ends up hanged at his house, Wong Tin Pak is blamed for his suicide by all the town's people. Everything seems like it is getting worse and worse until Sai Lun finds a simple ceramic pillow by accident. The pillow contains a helpful (but not too helpful) spirit who tries to help him solve the case.


  • Note: Mysteries tend to cross over in several episodes, especially the endings of one and the start of the next.

Mystery 1 Steamed buns of death - When a recently sentenced man is found dead, the judge is blamed for causing his suicide, but was it really a suicide? or is their something a little more sinister going on?

Mystery 2 The Man and the Monk - When the famed thief, The Golden Fox, shows up, a murder case from the past comes back to haunt the men involved. Taels of gold, red paint, ants, and some funky soup all contribute to the mystery.

Mystery 3 The Golden Fox is back... - and a family heirloom is missing. Will the head guard get his chance to finally catch the foe that has eluded him so long? And a lover from the past comes back to throw doubt on what was previously assumed.

Mystery 4 Runaway Bride - Sze Sai Lun is about to marry his fourth wife, Heung, on the 3rd day of the 3rd month, when she disappears from her wedding chair. What happened to her and why is the Pillow Spirit walking around?

Mystery 5 The Fugitive - Tin Pak has run off with Ming, and the Prince is not happy about this. Things go from bad to worse when Tin Pak is accused of killing Commander Pong. And why has the Pillow Spirit been acting even weirder than normal?

Mystery 6 Dr. Feel-Good - Tin Pak has been proven innocent, but what deadly reason would Ming need four doctors for? The reason is as simple as black and white.

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Season 2

A Pillow Case of Mystery II
  • Title: 施公奇案II
  • Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast network: TVB
  • Broadcast period: 2010-Jul-12 to 2010-Aug-06
  • Air time: Monday to Friday 20:30 - 21:30 (Finale on Saturday)
  • Theme song: Do Not Underestimate Me (別低估我) by Wong Cho Lam


After a radical change in life, SZE SAI-LUN (Bobby Au Yeung) becomes dispirited with the political world and spends most of his time travelling around in search of fun. Along the way, he meets a spirit medium, NG KWAN-YAU (Jessica Hsuan), who somehow gets caught up in a mysterious murder case. It is not LUN's intention to intervene at first, but with the fortuitous assistance from the pillow spirit NGAU TAI-LIK (Johnson Lee), he can finally crack the case and prove YAU's innocence. LUN has his confidence back and pledges to continue his fight for justice. As time progresses, LUN and YAU get to know each other better and gradually fall in love. LUN finally decides to get over the past and marry the girl. He enjoys his married life so much but gets frustrated at work sometimes - LIK's power turns out not to be as strong as expected, which ends up with a lot of misleading clues being given. Amidst the various challenges of his new life, LUN realizes that YAU seems to have something to hide and that there is a malicious plot behind their marriage. Knowing that the couple have fallen out, LUN's mother has found him a new wife, LUK SIU-TIP (Leila Tong). Out of the blue, TIP has also come with ill intentions. LUN is plunged into a complex web of intrigue and things seem to be getting on top of him...

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Viewership Ratings

Week Episodes Date Hong Kong Guangzhou
Average Peak Municipal % Provincial %
1 01-05 2010-Ju1-12 - 2010-Ju1-16 30 36 6.08 (3rd) 3.63 (9th)
2 06-09 2010-Ju1-19 - 2010-Ju1-22 35 37 5.73 (3rd) 3.89 (8th)
3 10-14 2010-Ju1-26 - 2010-Ju1-30 31 39 4.99 (5th) 4.49 (7th)
4 15-19 2010-Aug-02 - 2010-Ayg-06 31 5.84 (3rd) 3.73 (8th)
4 20 2010-Aug-07 34 37

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