A Woman's Century

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A Woman's Century


  • Title: 世纪人生 / Shi Ji Ren Sheng
  • English title: A Woman's Century
  • Also known as: 世纪人生:董竹君传奇 / Shi Ji Ren Sheng:Dong Zhu Jun Chuan Qi / Century Life: Legend of Dong Zhujun
  • Genre: Period, biographic, drama
  • Episodes: 40
  • Broadcast network:
  • Broadcast period: 1999


This series tells about the tortuous and colorful life of Dong Zhujun, the founder and owner of the famous Jin Jiang Hotel.

In 1900, Dong Zhujun was born in a slum in Yangjingbin, Shanghai. Her father was a rickshaw driver and her mother was a washerwoman. The family was poor. When she was 12 years old, forced to make ends meet, in order to treat her father's illness, she was forced to become a prostitute in a brothel. In the brothel, Dong Zhujun met Xia Zhishi, a revolutionary, and made a promise with him. On the night before her boss forced her to break free, Dong Zhujun escaped from the tiger's mouth witty, married Xia Zhishi who was on the wanted list, and came to Japan with him. In Japan, Dong Zhujun eagerly learns knowledge and culture.

Four years later, she returned to Chengdu with Xia Zhishi and became the prominent wife of the governor of Sichuan Province. However, the closeness and backwardness of the big feudal Xia family in Sichuan suffocated the young Dong Zhujun who had just started a new life. She tried her best to persuade Xia Zhishi to leave here, but Xia was completely depressed because of the frustration in his official career, and indulged in opium and mahjong all day long. Dong Zhujun couldn't bear it anymore and chose to divorce and came to Shanghai with his children. On the one hand, she circled among the dignitaries such as Shanghai Garrison Commander Yang Hu and Du Yuesheng, and at the same time followed the revolutionary army to cover the Communists for underground work.

Relying entirely on her own wisdom, talent and courage, Dong Zhujun founded Jin Jiang Restaurant and Jin Jiang Tea House. In the early days of liberation, with the help and support of the people's government, the first Jin Jiang Hotel in Shanghai that could receive state guests was established.

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