Adachi Mitsuru

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Adachi Mitsuru


  • Name: あだち充 / 安達充 (あだち みつる)
  • Name (romaji): Adachi Mitsuru
  • Profession: Writer
  • Birthdate: 1951-Feb-09 (age 68)
  • Birthplace: Isesaki, Gunma, Japan
  • Star sign: Aquarius

About Adachi[edit]

Adachi has his own baseball team, called Vitamin A. A lot of the manga Adachi makes centers around baseball. One of the words that frequently return is Koushien, the name of the place where the yearly final between the best high school baseball teams takes place. He made his debut in 1970 with Kieta Bakuon on Shounen Sunday DX, but got his breakthrough in 1978 with Nine, in which he developed the style for which he became famous. Adachi is very popular and belongs also to the club of "over the one hundred million copies sold" authors.

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