Age of Rebellion

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Age of Rebellion


  • Title: 翻牆的記憶 (翻墙的记忆) / Fan Chiang De Chih Yi (Fan Qiang De Ji Yi)
  • English title: Age of Rebellion
  • Genre: Human drama, school
  • Episodes: 15
  • Broadcast network: TVBS
  • Broadcast period: 2018-Mar-03 to 2018-Jun-09
  • Opening theme song: Who You Are c
  • Ending theme song: 就這麼錯過 by Morrison 馬仕釗
  • Insert songs:
    • 敗給時間 by Morrison 馬仕釗
    • 預備浪漫 by Shiny Yao (姚亦晴)
    • 在就好了 by Chen Xing Xue 陳欣斈
    • 微險 by Chen Xing Xue 陳欣斈
    • Who You Are(英文版)by Chen Xing Xue 陳欣斈
    • Who You Are(REMIX版)by Chen Xing Xue 陳欣斈
    • 枷鎖 by ØZI


The drama depicts the realistic issues face by current students, such as bullying, drug use, etc.

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Huaying High School Students
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