Akai Tsuki

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Akai Tsuki


  • Title: 赤い月
  • Title (romaji): Akai Tsuki
  • Genre: Historical tanpatsu drama
  • Episodes: 1 (DVD release), 6 (NGN release)
  • Broadcast network: TV Tokyo
  • Broadcast date: 2004-Dec-29


Parts 1 and 2

Fifty-five years after World War II, Morita Misaki travels to China with hopes of uncovering the truth behind the murder of a young Russian woman she witnessed as a child. Her journey allows her to revisit her childhood memories and retrace her family's struggles in a foreign land.

In the midst of WWII, the Morita family moves to Manchuria to start a Japanese sake factory. Though their hopes for a new life seem quickly realized with the success of their business, the family's fortunes take a turn for the worse when a military informant accuses their live-in tutor of being a spy for Russia. Further complications arise when Russia begins its invasion of Manchuria and the family is forced to flee for their lives. In the midst of the ensuing turmoil and confusion, the Morita family, led by matriarch Namiko, must find the strength to endure and survive.

Part 3

When the Soviet Army invades Manchuria, things become chaotic at Morita Brewery. Riots by the Manchurian people make Namiko decide to abandon her home and seek refuge. But when she and the others arrive at Mudan Station, she finds that military personnel and their families have occupied all the trains, forcing Namiko and the other civilians to wait.

Part 4

Namiko and her family take four days to arrive at Harbin on August 15, the day of Japan's unconditional surrender. Embolded by the news, the Manchurians confiscated all valuables and even luggage. Namiko finds lodging at a city hotel, where she shaves Misaki bald in order to keep her from being molested by Soviet soldiers.

Part 5

Morita Yutaro returns from prisoner of war camp in very poor health and does not survive the severe Harbin winter. He was 46 years old. Namiko, who lost all will to live after losing her husband, meets a Chinese merchant engaged in a wide range of businesses in Harbin.

Part 6, Final episode

The date of Namiko and others' return to Japan is set. Himuro, who worked as an intelligence officer for the Kwantung Army, reveals his intent to turn himself in to the Chinese government as a soldier of the Kwantung Army, but only after seeing to it that every last Japanese is refugee returned to Japan. Fifty-five years later, after visiting Mudan River, eldest daughter Misaki returns in late summer to Kyoto to visit an old man. She has come to turn in Helena's cross that Namiko has entrusted to her.

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