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Asabuki Riyako, Female Attorney 5


  • Title: 新・女弁護士 朝吹里矢子
  • Title (English): Asabuki Riyako, Female Attorney
  • Genre: Crime, Mystery
  • Format: Tanpatsu (Doyo Wide Gekijo)
  • Episodes: 7
  • Broadcast network: TV Asahi

Some episodes have aired English subtitled in Hawaii as part of KIKU's Mystery Theatre.


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Main cast


1 - 夢の告発

  • Broadcast date: 1994

5 - The Little Accomplice

  • Broadcast date: 1998

Attorney Asabuki Riyako goes to Ginza with her husband Kunio, where she almost has her handbag taken by a young boy. The youth had been involved in a murder case six years earlier. Yabuhara, the chief counsel at the firm Asabuki works at, was in charge of the case.

6 - The Young Eyewitness - A Crayon Drawing and a Family Homicide - The Story Behind the Red Wine and a Cardigan

  • Broadcast date: 1999

Attorney Asabuki Riyako goes to a wine store in Ginza and meets a friend from college, Matsuura Ayano. Matsuura is the CEO of a wine company. The next morning, Asabuki learns from the news that Matsuura's father has died in one of the rooms at the inn.

7 - 嘱託殺人の罠

  • Broadcast date: 2000

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