Atarashii Kaze

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Atarashii Kaze


  • Title: 新しい風
  • Title (romaji): Atarashii Kaze
  • Also known as: A Fresh Breeze
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Episodes: 11
  • Broadcast network: TBS
  • Broadcast period: 2004-Apr-04 to 2004-Jun-24
  • Air time: Thursday 22:00
  • Theme song: Kanagi Rhinoceros by Sasagawa Miwa


Niimi Takashi, an experienced political reporter for a Tokyo newspaper, is unexpectedly chosen by a parliamentary faction to run for a seat in the Japanese legislature. The compromises and sacrifices necessary to succeed in a political campaign are a shock to him, and more so to his recent bride, Mako, who is less familiar with the political world.

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Synopsis by Episode[edit]

Episode 1

As the story begins we meet Niimi Takashi, a political reporter for the Toto newspaper and the widowed father of a seven-year old daughter, Moe. Takashi plans in a few days to marry Mako, a sweet-tempered woman, nine years younger, who works in a childrens' book store. A parliamentary (Diet) election campaign is underway, but Takashi is neglecting routine campaign events to investigate a potential scandal involving the a battle for the Prime Minister's position within the incumbent Japan People's Party. (If you must know: the Sugiuchi faction, in exchange for receiving money for its junior ministers from the Nokiburi Development Company, shifts its support from the reform-minded former party leader, Nakazawa Mikio, to the incumbent prime minister, Odajima Ichirou.) Due to his work Takashi also misses a meeting with Mako to plan their wedding ceremony. At the wedding center, Mako crosses paths with Odajima's formidable wife, Midori, who is there to address a group of political wives. Midori, in her limousine, is contrasted with Mako, on her bicycle. Time passes; the election occurs, and Odajima is reelected. Takashi and Mako are married, and Takashi attempts to settle into a new routine with Mako and Moe. Despite the advice of his friend and coworker, Nobeoka (Nobe) Ryouji, he continues to pursue the factional intrigue, to the detriment of his new marriage, and at some risk of political retribution. Moe, meanwhile, suffers from Takashi's frequent absence. Her birthday is a disaster, as Mako returns home late due to an unexpected meeting to discuss publication of a childrens' picture book she has written, and Taksashi returns home even later, after accepting an invitation to meet Nakazawa at his home. Moe is heartbroken at her father's absence, and refuses to accept consolation from Mako. The next day, Mako proposes quitting her job and giving up on publishing a book in order to better bond with Moe. Takashi dissuades her, promising to try to spend more time with the family. He attends the next family meal, at which Moe seems to be accepting Mako better. Shortly thereafter, Takashi and Nobe are summoned to meet with Nakazawa and his advisors. At the meeting, Takashi is astonished to be asked to run as the faction's Diet candidate for Tokyo's 26th district, against the second-ranking member of the Odajima faction, Funaki. He initially refuses to run, but Nakazawa appeals to his desire to change Japan's corrupt political system, and gives him a week to decide. He is promised the campaign assistance of Hayashibara Masami, a party secretary who may resent not having been chosen as the candidate. Nakazawa also hints that Funaki may not be as unbeatable as he appears. That same evening, Mako becomes increasingly worried as Moe fails to meet her or come home after school. Eventually she learns that Moe has gone to the Nobeoka's house, but she fetches a jacket for Moe she discovers the torn and discarded pieces of her birthday picture book.

Episode 2

Takashi at first assures Mako he won't accept the offer to run for the Diet seat, but he begins to waver. Although Takashi's prospective opponent, Funaki, is famous and powerful, he is weakened by a scandal, one which Takashi's paper, to his chagrin, fails to report before its competitors. Mako tries to win Moe's affection, with little initial success, even after an offer to be a friend, rather than a mother. When Mako visits her sister at the family liquor store, her mother drives Mako away by pointedly reminds Mako of her warning against marriage to the father of a child. After work, Takashi's coworker and friend Nobeoka says that in similar circumstances,as a younger man he might have taken an opportunity like Takashi's. The Nazakawa campaign expert Kurukowa assigns the party secretary Hayashibara to Takashi's campaign, even though Takashi has not yet decided to run. One morning, Mako repairs the birthday picture book, and offers it again to Moe, who accepts it. Later, Moe rewrites the tear-stained word "mama", shows the book to Mako, and asks for drawing lessons. That evening, Mako and Takashi again discuss his candidacy. She still opposes it, but partly because she believes a run agains Funaki is hopeless. Takashi hints to Mako that he will indeed run, saying he admires Nakazawa's efforts at reform. The election date is advances, and the Nakazawa camp asks Takashi for an early answer. To Kurukowa and Hayashibara surprise, Takashi agrees to quit his job as a reporter and run. When Takashi tells Mako of his decision, she says that her own career is just beginning, and that she will not become a professional political wife, but that she will support him. As the episode ends, Mako and Moe see Takashi off on the first day of his campaign.

Episode 3

After a short period of campaigning, Hayashibara upbraids Niimi for his unwillingness to ignore his wife and child, and in particular for refusing to establish a residence in the 26th district. That night, Takashi tells Mako of his intention to move out, and refuses to offer explanations for his actions, only apologies.

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