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  • Title: 海滩 / Hai Tan
  • English title: BEACH
  • Genre: Romance, friendship, human drama
  • Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast year: 2003
  • Opening theme song: Yong Qi (勇气) Courage by Li Ya Peng and Wang Xue Bing
  • Ending theme song: Ri Chu Ri Mo (日出日末) Sunrise Sunset by Zhou Xun
  • Insert songs: Li Bu Kai (离不开) Unable to Leave by Na Ying (那英)
Kan Hai (看海) Viewing the Sea by Zhou Xun
Nian Qing Wu Ji Xian (年轻无极限) Youth is Limitless by Chen Si Cheng


The story tells how four guys and three girls, who had failures and troubles in their respective lives, somehow meet and gather at the beach, become friends, start anew in their life and formed a lifeguards group together on the beach. As the story progresses, each of their past are revealed and they're somehow involved in romance relationships.

Episode 1

Li Xiao Peng is a typical businessman working in an advertising company at Beijing. His job is doing well and he also has a girlfriend that he will be married to, very soon. However, somehow he's always in a gloomy mood. As his girlfriend, Lin Chen, asked him to tell his father about their marriage and ask him to attend the wedding, Xiao Peng returned to his hometown which is located near the beach. But as he meet his father again, they got into a big fight, as Xiao Peng always thinks that his mother's death is his father's fault.

The next day, Xiao Peng who was still feeling irritated, got into a quarrel with Ah Tung, a female employee at the gas station near the beach. And then, she got fired because of it.

Xiao Peng who just returned to Beijing, made a big mistake at the company. Furthermore, Lin Chen got angry that he totally forgot about their wedding photo session yesterday. When everything seem went wrong, he got a phone call informing him that his father was lost in the sea....

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