Belle OST

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Belle OST

Belle OST
  • Title: 아름다운 시절 OST / Belle OST
  • Artist: Lee Tae Joong (이태종)
  • Language: Korean
  • Release Date: 2008-Apr-28
  • Number of Tracks: 3
  • Publisher: Excel International (에셀인터내셔널)
  • Agency: Deohagi Media (더하기미디어)

Disc 1

Track Listing
No. Song Title Artist
1. Will That Day Come?
그날이 올까봐
Lee Tae Joong (이태종)
2. Memories of the Wind
바람의 추억
Lee Tae Joong (이태종)
3. Memories of the Wind (Remix) (Club Ver.)
바람의 추억 (Remix) (Club Ver.)
Lee Tae Joong (이태종)

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