The Ultimate Master of War

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The Ultimate Master of War


  • Title: 兵圣 / Bing Sheng
  • English Title: The Ultimate Master of War
  • Also known as: Military Sage / SUN TZU
  • Genre: Historical drama, war
  • Episodes: 40
  • Broadcast period: 2009


Set during the Spring and Autumn Period, this drama revolves around famous historical figures of the era like Sun Wu, Wu Zi Xu and Wu Jiu as well as the victories and defeats of the individual kingdoms of Qi, Chu, Wu, Yue, Jin, et al. In a time of disorder and uncertainty, this is the story of how Sun Wu, author of The Art of War, came to prominence as one of the most renowned military strategists in Chinese history.

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  • Filming period: 2008-Apr-15 to 2008-Aug-17

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