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Kuninaka Ryoko stars as Uemura Eri, the heroine.
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  • Title: ちゅらさん
  • Title (romaji): Churasan
  • Also known as: The Promise to the Chura Sea
  • Genre: Asadora drama, family drama
  • Episodes: 156 Episodes x 15 minutes
  • Viewership: Ep1=21.3, High=29.3, Avg=22.2
  • Broadcast network: NHK
  • Broadcast period: 2001-Apr-02 to 2001-Sep-29
  • Theme song: Best Friend by Kiroro
  • Related TV shows: Churasan 2, Churasan 3, Churasan 4


The 64th NHK Asadora Renzoku Drama is Churasan, a story of a young woman, Kohagura Eri, who was born in Kohamajima Island, Okinawa on May 15, 1972, the day when Okinawa was returned to Japan from the U.S. Eleven years later, Kamimura Shizuko and her two sons, Kazuya and Fumiya, from Tokyo come to stay as the guests of a small inn run by Eri's family. Eri's fun-loving, yet eccentric family welcomes them warmly. However, Eri is shocked to hear one of the sons, Kazuya is terminally ill and Shizuko and her sons came to Okinawa to spend his last moment together in beautiful nature. Fumiya, Kazuya's younger brother, and Eri promise to marry each other someday. However after Kazuya's death, Fumiya and his mother leave the island to go back to Tokyo. Years later, they are reunited, Eri as a nurse and Fumiya, a doctor, working at the same hospital in Tokyo.

The story's settings include Okinawa, Naha, and Tokyo.

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  • After watching episode 86 (2001-Jul-11), a number of viewers called NHK complaining about a scene involving alcohol drinking. In the episode, a young man and the father of his girlfriend engaged in a drinking competition with Okinawan liquor, Awamori, for the sake of his proposed marriage to Eri. Most of the complaints claimed that the scene encouraged and glorified excessive drinking that could cause an acute alcohol poisoning. The "Okinawa Bottoms-Up Prevention Conference" representing parents who have lost their children to acute alcohol poisoning allegedly demanded that NHK run a character generator warning saying that this style of drinking would put the drinker in danger of death.
  • A 3-part highlights SP will air on NHK 2007-Jan-1 through 3 from 16:40 to 17:55 (JST). A highlights SP is a compilation of key moments of a series.

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