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Cleaning Up


  • Title: 클리닝 업 / Keullining Eop (Cleaning Up)
  • Genre: Drama
  • Episodes: 16
  • Broadcast network: JTBC
  • Broadcast period: 2022-Jun-04 to 2022-Jul-24
  • Air time: Saturday & Sunday 22:30
  • Original soundtrack: Cleaning Up OST


After inadvertently overhearing a key piece of information at an financial company, three office cleaners resort to insider trading to to carve out a new destiny for themselves and their families.

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Main Cast
Investment securities people
  • Jang Shin Young as Keum Jan Di (Team leader of Vested Investment & Securities audit team)
  • Song Jae Hee as Yoon Tae Kyung (Team Leader of Vested Investment & Securities Corporate Sales Team 1)
  • Song Young Chang as Song Woo Chang (CEO of Chang International)
People around Yong Mi
  • Kim Tae Woo as Jin Sung Woo (Yong Mi's ex-husband)
  • Yoon Kyung Ho as Oh Dong Joo (loan shark)
  • Ha Si Eun as Boo So Yun (Sung Woo's current wife)
  • Kal So Won as Jin Yun Ah (Yong Mi & Sung Woo's elder daughter)
  • Kim Shi Ha (김시하) as Jin Shi Ah (Yong Mi & Sung Woo's younger daughter)
  • Gil Hae Yun as Mo Ran (Yong Mi's former mother-in-law)
  • Jun Kook Hyang (전국향) as Jang Kyung Ja (Yong Mi's mother)
  • Yoon Jin Ho (윤진호) as Eo Yong Kyu (Yong Mi's older brother)
  • Kang Ae Shim as supermarket owner
People around Soo Ja
People around In Kyung
Vested Investment & Securities Services cleaning team
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