Cosmetic Raiders

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Cosmetic Raiders


  • Title: 整容攻略 / Zheng Rong Gong Lue
  • English title: Cosmetic Raiders
  • Genre: Romance, medical, comedy
  • Episodes: 16
  • Broadcast network: Tencent Video
  • Broadcast period: 2016-Dec-26


Tianjin’s small boss Dai Jin used to be a “self-employed” with a rather low appearance. Because of his low appearance, his business was not going smoothly. In order to change his current situation, he made up his mind to go to South Korea for plastic surgery and successfully reversed his appearance. The plastic surgeon who performed Dai Jin was a well-known plastic surgeon in Korea, and his assistant Jia Shuai was a Chinese. After the plastic surgery is successful, Dai Jin, who is quite economical, feels that opening a plastic surgery hospital is a good business, so he urges Jia Shuai to return to China to open a plastic surgery hospital together. They recruited "Lori Beauty" Chen Xiaoyou, "Sexy Female Nurse" Su Ran from Shanghai, "Little Fresh Meat" Qin Hao, an intern from Beijing who graduated from a well-known domestic medical university, and a "sturdy female security guard" from the northeastern countryside. After that, the plastic surgery hospital is officially opened. Since then, six people from different regions, with different personalities but with common dreams, have received various types of plastic surgery patients at the plastic surgery hospital.

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