Daisuki! Itsutsugo

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Cast (2006)


  • Title: 大好き!五つ子 (だいすき!いつつご)
  • Title (romaji): Daisuki! Itsutsugo
  • Also known as: We Love Quintuplets!
  • Genre: Family
  • Broadcast network: TBS
  • Air time: Weekdays 13:00 to 13:30


A heartwarming drama depicting the life of a young couple with quintuplets. Sakurai Momoko and Ryunosuke have their hands full raising their elementary school quintuplets. Despite of Momoko's best effort in keeping everyone happy, their life can be as tough as a battlefield with five young children. Facing and overcoming various obstacles in daily life teaches their young children important lessons in life and strengthens their family ties. --groink


Up to junior high school age
  • 1999-Jul-29 to 1999-Sep-10 『大好き!五つ子』
  • 2000-Jul-24 to 2000-Sep-1 『大好き!五つ子2』
  • 2001-Jul-23 to 2001-Aug-31 『大好き!五つ子3』
  • 2002-Jul-22 to 2002-Aug-30 『大好き!五つ子4』
  • 2003-Jul-21 to 2003-Aug-29 『大好き!五つ子5』
  • 2004-Jul-19 to 2004-Sep-3 『大好き!五つ子6』
High school age and up
  • 2005-Jul-18 to 2005-Sep-2 『大好き!五つ子Go!!』
  • 2006-Jul-17 to 2006-Sep-1 『大好き!五つ子Go²!!』
  • 2007-Jul-16 to 2007-Aug-31 『大好き!五つ子Go³!!』
  • 2008-Jul-14 to 2008-Aug-29 『大好き!五つ子2008』

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